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We all want it.

We yearn to get clear, to know who it is we are, what it is we have to offer, how it is we are meant to be in the world.

We think that everyone else has it.  That we are the only ones confused.  That we have to go on some vision quest out in the desert for 100 days to find it.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard.  You don’t have to repent to find it.  And the only place you have to go to find it is within.

shea barron

Have you been yearning to know what it is you are meant to offer?

Have you been struggling to figure out what your truth is?

Have you wanted to be just as clear about your mission and values as it seems everyone else is?

Here’s the good news.  You are not lost.  You are not drifting or listless or confused.

You have been busy.  The world’s been noisy.  You just haven’t had the time (because you thought it was going to take 100 days of walking in the literal or metaphorical desert) to listen to the deep knowing inside of you, to capture the answers, to move with those answers forward.

But now it is your time.

michelle icard

This May, you are invited to get quiet, get real, and get your answers.

At Mission Manifest, I will ask you just the right questions and give you the support to discern your truth and then guide you in letting those answers reveal all the magic and power that is inside of you as you write your own personal mission statement and manifesto.

At the end of our workshop, you will feel more clear, confident, and ready to pursue your mission and live your manifesto now.

Clarity matters.  Give yourself the gift of claiming your mission and declaring your manifesto.  Discovering these answers to your essential questions will bring you light, joy, and essential hope.


Want to claim your mission and pen your manifesto?  You have two options:

May 7th from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm at Triple Play Farm in Davidson, NC  $50  

May 8th from 12 pm to 2 pm EST on your phone $40 

And good news– there is an early bird discount until April 8th.  Use code EARLY at checkout for $5 off.

** these gorgeous mission statements were written at the last Mission Manifest or during Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreats.


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