Upcoming Workshop: Spark Your Systems!

begin with intention

Are you loaded with inspiration but dogged by organization?

Is your greatest limiting factor not your ideas but your execution?

Are you ready to create the world of your imagining but needs the tools, systems, and approach that will help you get there?

Then Spark Your Systems is just what you need!

In this workshop, we’ll examine how you can organize your life for inspiration and efficiency.  We’ll make sure that you have room for both your dreams and your responsibilities.  And you’ll design a system for managing your life while incorporating your dreams-and you’ll put that system into place during the workshop.  Participants will leave with clarity about their priorities and passions and with a system in place to help them embrace and achieve more of what they want in their lives.


Spark Your Systems (in person) Wednesday, March 12 9:30 am until 12:30 pm Triple Play Farm in Davidson, NC  $50

Spark Your Systems (virtual) Thursday, March 13 12 to 2 pm EST on your phone   $40

What do past workshop and retreat participants have to say about their experience?

Attending Rosie’s visionSPARK retreat was a fantastic and impactful beginning of the year.  At the retreat I chose a word to embody my upcoming year. I am finding that I think of this word several times per week.  This word comes into play when I am making decisions about how to give of my time and as a result give of and to myself.  I am feeling energized, yet peaceful and calm as I move forward in this very intentional manner.

~Amy Combs

I did a person Passion, Purpose, Plunge retreat with Rosie because I’d attended several of her VisionSPARK events and the outcome was always more than a good feeling. Time spent with Rosie is warm and supportive, but it’s also PRODUCTIVE. I knew I would leave my retreat with a clear action plan, timeline, and clearly articulated goals, not to mention fresh motivation to accomplish them. Rosie quickly and precisely narrows down what someone needs to be successful in personal or professional endeavors and then draws a map for how to get there. A retreat with Rosie was an investment in my success and happiness with immediate and measurable results.

~Michelle Icard

On a crisp cold NC blue sky day, Rosie lit up the room with her warmth and spirit! It was a wonderful experience to listen to her words and to the words of the other women who shared this workshop with me. Rosie has a nurturing touch which guides others to see the real uniqueness that each person has to give to the world. I left with a peacefulness and knowledge of actions that would help me travel through my 2104 journey.

~Laura Mulkeen

Having the opportunity to spend some time intentionally setting my focus for the new year through this workshop was a gift. Not only was the actual workshop time valuable, but the prep time also made me realize that Rosie’s mantra of organizing your thoughts around who you want to ‘be’ (instead of what you will do) will truly ground you in your specific purpose going forward. Having Rosie as our ‘Vision Guidess’ was ideal- she has an intuitive way of knowing exactly how to help you zero in and boil down your thoughts and ideas into that one main important point on which you will focus. Would highly recommend this workshop!

~Donna Scott

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