SPARK Day 17: Explore Your Favorites

Spark Jan 2014

Welcome to Spark Day 17!  On SPARK Wednesdays, we’re going within.

The cornerstone to an intentional life is really knowing who you are and what you want to offer the world and understanding how to get there.  Sometimes, we think by the basis of our age that we should know everything there is to know about ourselves, but we are constantly changing and, if we are busy, it could be that we aren’t getting quiet enough to discover the newest truths about ourselves and embrace what they mean for our lives.

Every Wednesday, I’m sharing questions designed to build your self-awareness so that you can proactively and powerfully live with intention and infuse your life with the feelings and experiences you most wish to have.

Today, our theme is your favorites.  What do you love?  What makes you happy? What restores and sustains you?  Sometimes, when things are difficult, what we most need is to get right back to our core and having your favorites on the brain can really help with that.

As Mary Anne Radmacher says, writing is the process one follows to learn what is already known deep within.  So, grab a notebook and pen or your favorite writing app/program on your phone, tablet, or computer, a little something to drink, and answer these questions honestly and completely.  Your answers can bring delight, insight, inspiration and more…

Naming Your Favorites  

Favorite book:

Favorite television show:

Favorite movie:

Favorite song:

Favorite poem:

Favorite food:

Favorite recipe:

Favorite thing to wear:

Favorite way to celebrate:

Favorite recent memory:

Favorite memory from long ago:

Favorite thing about getting older (and we are always getting older, even if you are 16 and reading this right now!):

Favorite thing to tell a loved one:

Favorite thing to be told:

Favorite thing about who you are in the world:

Favorite thing about your body:

Favorite gift to give:

Favorite place to go:

Favorite advice you have heard:

Favorite advice you give:


What showed up for you with today’s questions?

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