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So, in late December, one of my high school besties emailed to say that she had been hoping to travel down for visionSPARK but out of town company wasn’t going to make that possible and what could we do.  Well, after a flurry of emails and exploring the possibilities, I am so excited to announce that I am taking visionSPARK on the road to Richmond, Virginia.  Yep, me and all of the vision board supplies you can imagine, are hitting the road on February 15th to offer women in the greater Richmond area (I am talking to you Charlottesville and even Washington DC) this amazing, hands-on workshop that is all about getting real, getting intentional, and claiming what you wish to create in your life.

Want to join the fun?  I sure hope you will.



Saturday, February 15 1 pm until 5pm at Canterbury Nursery School in Richmond, VA

Every new year begins with our vision for it. But dreaming about it isn’t enough. Vision has to be captured, inspiration alighted, and intention set. At visionSPARK, you’ll capture your ideal life’s vision not just in conversation and words but in a tangible, inspirational vision board. You’ll imagine the possibilities in a pre-workshop workbook, gather inspiration, and then create your vision with thoughtful support during the workshop. You’ll leave with an inspirational board to display, a touchstone word to root you and reinforce your commitment during the year, a gentle call to action to guide you and the motivation to manifest the life you imagine.

What do people say about visionSPARK?  Here are remarks from this year’s visionSPARK evaluations:

Having the opportunity to spend some time intentionally setting my focus for the new year through this workshop was a gift. Not only was the actual workshop time valuable, but the prep time also made me realize that Rosie’s mantra of organizing your thoughts around who you want to ‘be’ (instead of what you will do) will truly ground you in your specific purpose going forward. Having Rosie as our ‘Vision Guidess’ was ideal- she has an intuitive way of knowing exactly how to help you zero in and boil down your thoughts and ideas into that one main important point on which you will focus. Would highly recommend this workshop!  ~Donna Scott

Dreaming about and planning for the future can be done alone, but it’s so much more creative, inspiring and fun when in the company of other women! Rosie encourages and leads in a gentle, yet get-it-done, manner — and workshop participates jump in with affirming support. The information and exercises are practical, while the experience is joyful and uplighting!

On a crisp cold NC blue sky day, Rosie lit up the room with her warmth and spirit! It was a wonderful experience to listen to her words and to the words of the other women who shared this workshop with me. Rosie has a nurturing touch which guides others to see the real uniqueness that each person has to give to the world. I left with a peacefulness and knowledge of actions that would help me travel through my 2104 journey. ~Laura Mulkeen

What a great way to envision a new year! The VisionSPARK workshop with Rosie encouraged me to reflect, focus and articulate my desires in a fun and interactive way. Bravo!

Rosie’s open and encouraging demeanor sets a great tone for group participation and her prompt questions and discussions are engaging and thought provoking. The setting is beautiful to boot.

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