SPARK Day 10: Explore your lens on the world

Spark Jan 2014


Welcome to Spark Day 10!  On SPARK Wednesdays, we’re going within.

The cornerstone to an intentional life is really knowing who you are and what you want to offer the world and understanding how to get there.  Sometimes, we think by the basis of our age that we should know everything there is to know about ourselves, but we are constantly changing and, if we are busy, it could be that we aren’t getting quiet enough to discover the newest truths about ourselves and embrace what they mean for our lives.

Every Wednesday, I’m sharing questions designed to build your self-awareness so that you can proactively and powerfully live with intention and infuse your life with the feelings and experiences you most wish to have.

Today, our theme is your lens on the world.  How do you view the world?  What are the values you bring to your interactions and work?  What are you sure about?  What do you believe?  All these things inform how we go out into the world, what we offer, the way we offer it.  And it is powerful to really observe that and act from a place of awareness with it so that what is where today’s ten questions/ sentence stems (where I give you the first part of the sentence and you finish it up) are leading you.

As Mary Anne Radmacher says, writing is the process one follows to learn what is already known deep within.  So, grab a notebook and pen or your favorite writing app/program on your phone, tablet, or computer, a little something to drink, and answer these questions honestly and completely.  Your answers can bring delight, insight, inspiration and more…

Explore Your Lens on the World 

What are you intensely interested in?  What news stories do you always catch?  What kind of books do you read?

About what do you not run out of things to say?

Think of five different places that you “go”.  You might think of work, your own home, out with your friends, to church, your gym or studio, your meditation mat, etc.  How do you show up in each place and why is that?  How do you wish to show up in each place?

You have the world’s audience for five minutes.  What must you make sure everyone knows or understands when you are done?

For what do you want to be known?

What do you think your genius is?  What are you amazing at or what would you like to be amazing at?

What is always in the back of your mind?

What values do you bring to what you do?

What’s your message?  What do you always emphasize?

I believe…

I know for sure that…

I offer…

My hope for the world is…

I want my place in the world to be…

Today, I will…

What showed up for you with today’s questions?

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