SPARK Day 9: Develop a morning ritual

Spark Jan 2014

Welcome to SPARK Day 9!  We have been working hard over the last week to establish a solid overall foundation and daily foundation.  Today, we are going to add a layer to that daily foundation.  

When I am at my best in terms of personal self-care, self-satisfaction, and productiveness, there’s one common element that is happening: I am enjoying a daily magic hour.

What’s the magic hour?  The Magic Hour is something I started in 2012.  BF wakes early for his workout (about 5-5:15 am) and, after he comes back in, I go get my work out in (when things go right- which they tend to do when I am making the magic hour happen).  And while I used to sleep until it was closer to the time that he comes back in, sometime in 2012,  I started to wake up when he did and enjoying that quiet time in the house– in our bedroom, all alone.  Sometimes, I work.  Sometimes, I read.  Sometimes, I do yoga or lift weights on my own or with the help of a video.  Sometimes, I do a little bit of all of that.   It doesn’t really matter what I do- it really is about just having an hour of quiet to check in with myself before having to acclimate to the day (and help the rest of my family, especially the littlest one) .  It’s a ritual that I have just loved and that has served me incredibly well but, truth be told, it is a routine that is easy for me to fall out of by staying up too late on a school night or when I feel crushed by work.  So, I haven’t practice my own magic hour since before my 40th birthday in November.

This week, I am getting back to my morning routine.  I’ll wake up and enjoy a few stretches and quiet time, maybe eye ball my to do list, do some strength training and then head out for my work out. I am going to embrace that early morning opportunity to get into my own flow before I help my family’s morning flow.  I want to go back to that powerful early morning self-care time so I can feel that power all day long.  Foundations matter and having a morning ritual that works for you– whether it is spent reading the newspaper and drinking tea or pounding the pavement or writing in a journal or whatever lights your fire— can be the difference between having a day that flows or flounders.

So, today, I want you to think through what your morning ritual should consist of and put the pieces in places so that you can begin with your own magic hour tomorrow morning!

Do you already have a morning ritual?  If so, what does it look like?  If not, what would you like to see be a part of your own morning ritual?

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