Friday Reflections

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Friday Reflections is all about reflecting on the week by observing our senses.  My hope is that this will be a gentle, easy way to tune into how we are doing and what we are experiencing weekly when journaling in general can feel so daunting.

Now, for this week’s Friday Reflections (with each sense as your inspiration, consider how experiencing it impacted your week).

Here is my sensory round-up for this week:

40th Collage

tasting ::  homemade birthday cupcakes (vanilla on vanilla), hot chocolate, a football stadium hotdog, hibachi vegetables and shrimp, hummus and naan, mashed potatoes and asparagus, zucchini fritters, a wheat berry salad, fontina grilled cheese, chocolate covered pretzels, Brunswick Stew

hearing ::  the electric cheers of a stadium full of people thrilled that their team is playing on Monday Night Football and on a winning streak.  BF surprised me with MNF football tickets featuring the Carolina Panthers vs. the New England Patriots, playing ON my fortieth birthday, and the Panthers won in the most thrilling fashion.  We stood in the cold for three and a half hours and screamed, clapped, stomped, and it was a friggin’ ball.  It will also take me a full week to recover from standing for hours and staying up late because I am forty and all but it was so worth it.

smelling :: the heady fragrance of a beautiful bouquet of flowers (I call them my Miss America flowers) that my college roommates/besties sent me for my birthday.  Gorgeous to look at and to smell as they grace our dining room table.

seeing ::  my sweet, sweet parents as we spent the weekend with them celebrating my dad’s 76th birthday.  It has been a batch of hard, hard years for my family and so I just savor up any time we get to just be with each other and forget about things like cancer, strokes, brain injuries and more.

feeling ::  really loved.  My friends, extended family, and immediate family showered me with birthday affection and it was just so surprising and so sweet.  I am a lucky woman.   

wishing/hoping ::  for a nice, relaxing weekend before the hubbub of the season starts.  I love the hubbub but I also love some counterbalancing yin to my yang and so I am looking forward to the calm before the celebration.

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please share!

This post was inspired by Teacher Goes Back to School who was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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One response to “Friday Reflections”

  1. Cecile

    Happy Birthday Rosie! Have a fantastic new year of live!

    tasting: Cauliflower and pasta, cooked with white wine and bacon. Red cabbage with smoked pork chop and cinnamon. Backed cheese with cranberry jelly.

    hearing: Delight sobbing on the way to a judo (discovery) lesson, but totally enthusiastic and proud after it. Enjoy’s newest sounds. Mozart’s Bona Vox with original text – I would love to know in which context he wrote such an insolent, quite shoking text…

    smelling: Heated cinnamon and orange peel.

    seeing: Enjoy standing, and going through the whole family room by leaning against a kid chair. Enjoy’s first tooth.

    feeling: Enjoy’s tooth on my finger – “yes, there is a tooth!”. Grateful for my dear ones. Feeling so alive outdoors with the November weather.

    wishing/hoping: for sleep!

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