We are being sold a bag of goods..

Today, I am over at the Charlotte Observer with a piece entitled:  Do you really need that coconut-scented glitter shower gel?    

Here is a quick excerpt:

That is how they get us. By introducing new products over and over again and making us feel like that one product is all we need and we shouldn’t wait to have it.

There is nothing wrong with you. But the only way companies stand to make money is if they convince you otherwise. In fact, $20 billion is being spent a year to convince you otherwise. That’s a big battle to be fighting, but when you realize the battle is founded on false messages, on commercial interests, it is easier to secure your armor.

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  1. Emily

    Great article, Rosie! You always put things in a new perspective. I love this: “[You} should determine your own standards and limits and put them into effect immediately so you aren’t left financially and emotionally robbed of everything good and true and powerful about you.”

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