The Weekly Spark: Embrace Fall

embrace fall

In just days, the calendar will flip to fall.  Like many people, I heart fall.  I mean, what is not to love?  The flavors are incredible (hello cranberries, apples, and pumpkins!).  The temperatures are incredible.  It’s gorgeous with all the changing leaves.  It seems so reflective in its nature.  And, well, there’s football and cardigans.

And so I like to give my Summer of Intentionality approach a little twist for fall.

Step one of getting ready for Fall Frolic is to really think about what feeling you most want out of your fall (or if you are elsewhere in the world, it may be spring that you are contemplating).  For me, I want to linger in good moments and just feel satisfied and grateful.

Step two is creating a list of things you can do independently or with loved ones in order to make the most of this season in the year and this season of your life.

Given that, here’s my list:

1.  Gather and decorate with pumpkins.

2.  Jump in leaves.

3.  Pick apples.

4.  Go to the maize maze.

5.  Go to the Renaissance Festival.

6.  Go on a family bike ride or a hike.

7.  Try 5 new recipes.

8.  Have a hot stone massage.

9.  Read 8 books.

10.  Take my birthday off.

11.  Hear live music.

12.  Go hear an author speak.

13.  Write at least 5 entries in Happy’s journal.

15.  Reorganize Happy’s closet.

16.  Finish updating Happy’s big boy room.

17.  Organize attic.

18. Finish 39 thank you notes.

19.  Plant fall garden.

20.  Try a food truck.

21.  Finish and submit book proposal.

Today, prepare for your own Fall Frolic.

1.  Can  you see Fall Frolic working for you?

2.  What feeling do you want your fall to evoke?

3.  Given that, what is on your Fall Frolic list?

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