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Surely I am not the only person who got to the beginning of last week and thought, “Holy Cow! Summer is almost over!”

And then I thought about my little guy who will be in his last year of preschool.  That there is just one more year of the leisurely mornings and afternoons kinda breaks my heart.  I want to squeeze as much specialness and connection into this year as possible.  I know that I am not alone.

Thinking about the tenderness I feel about Happy’s last year of preschoolness has reminded me of the tenderness that those of you who are mamas of almost middle schoolers and early middle schoolers must be feeling.

Are you going to that really heady/hearty place of “how am I going to keep us connected” as life tries to pull us apart?

Are you worried about what’s coming hormonally and cognitively?

Has navigating body image and self-esteem issues in the pre-teen years given you a bit of a pause?    

I feel you.  And I also have a solution for you!

Right in the Middle is a conference for girls in rising 6th/7th grade and their moms, where you’ll begin meaningful conversations that lay the foundation for communication and understanding throughout the middle school years.

It is three powerful, fun hours where you will laugh, bond, and learn so much about bodies, brains, boys, and more.  Want to learn more about the conference and content?  Check it out here! 

Our final two conferences this year are on August 18th and August 22nd.  Last year, we sold out so you want to act fast to secure a spot for you and your daughter.  You’ll love this special time together to celebrate this powerful transition and create a little more connection before the new school year takes off.

What a fabulous afternoon. I was impressed from the moment I walked through the door. Everyone did an amazing job and the content was spot-on. The moms and the daughters learned a lot and had fun. I was a strong supporter before, but now I’m an avid believer!!  Congratulations on a job well done.
I just wanted to say thank you… for Right in the Middle! My daughter had an awesome time! She was very anxious to go to school this morning to share her experience with her teachers and friends!  I also enjoyed meeting and conversing with the other mommies!!! You are the GREATEST!!

Yesterday was amazing!!! Thank you SO much for such a memorable day! I felt so blessed that (we) could be part of such an empowering day… for both of us!!!

The program was great. I went through a full gamut of emotions, including tears… at the end. Learned a ton, and shared many things with (my husband) because there was a lot of advice that is equally relevant to him.   

Thank you for the mom and daughter conference. It was inspirational, empowering, informative and FUN! It opened the door for (my daughter) and me to have “those” sometimes awkward conversations. In fact, last night she shared with dad the pre and post photoshop images. She let him know that it is important to like yourself just as you are! Bravo and thank you. I have already let our school community know it is a must for all!

What a marvelous event. You are changing lives and the dynamics of families for the better. Thank you for doing what you are doing! 

GREAT EVENT! My daughter and I have already had so many great conversations about the important topics you discussed today. 



Register now for August 18th (2 pm to 5 pm in Charlotte).  

Register now for August 21st (6 pm to 9 pm in Charlotte).

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