The Weekly Spark: Collect Your Words


One of my fundamental beliefs is that words matter.

They tell our stories, allow us to connect, inspire us.  Words capture, bring meaning to what we feel inside.  If you see me crying while watching devastating news footage, you might assume that I am just sad.  But if I tell you that I am crying not just because of the devastating events but also because I am so overwhelmed by the human capacity to rise again after difficulty and pain and loss, then you have a new, nuanced understanding of my tears.  Words give us nuance.  They reveal our layers.  They capture depth; they connect us.

A fun parlor game is to ask people words that they hate.  Moist is almost always at the top of the list.  Also on that list: ointment , panties, slack, impossible, vomit, awesome, whatever.  Sometimes words are hated because of how they sound, sometimes for what they mean (vomit anyone?).

But, today, I want you to play a different personal parlor game.  I want you to collect the words that you love– not just because they are awesome (look at how I am using a word on the hate list there) to say like eclectic but because they are incredible to do, feel, be, aspire to, hope for, consider.  What words inspire you?  What words guide your sensibilities?  What words reflect your values?  Collect all those words on a journal page, on a notes page on your smart phone, on your wall.  Look at them often.  And see how having your values reflected back to you inspire you to live them even more boldly.

What words inspire you?

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