The Weekly Spark: Create Space to Create

write on your walls

When I was in high school, my parents let me turn an entire wall of my bedroom into a vision board.  It took me four years to get that wall covered as I wanted every single word and image to speak to me.  There were times where I just laid down in my bed and stared up at the wall, imagining what was possible.

Looking back, this wall probably influenced my love of the vision board (and Pinterest) and my desire to share vision boards with others, and it also created a favorite creative habit:  using a wall to map out my dreams, ideas, thoughts.

Sugar Shack collage

Since I have moved into the Sugar Shack, I’ve been well-behaved with my beautiful white walls– using one of Happy’s big pads of paper for writing out my ideas and very delicately pinning it to the wall.  Any time I wanted to write on the wall, I took the paper down.  But there is just something- to me- about writing on the walls.  And the wall has been calling me again.  So this weekend, I took some time (and some very large post it notes) and created a space for me to write on the wall again.  Just doing that proved inspirational.  I cleaned the office thoroughly (It is awesome to be in the very back of the yard, looking into a thicket of trees, but, as it turns out, the Sugar Shack is where roly-polies go to die and spiders go to nest), hung new art and rearranged other art that had been in there.  It was kinda awesome.

But back to the wall.  We all need a place to create– even if we do not consider ourselves traditional creatives (is traditional creative an oxymoron?).  Whether it is a notebook or a wall, this week, I want you to find a place to record your ideas and dreams, to find a spot to lay down what you consider your possibilities because something magical happens when you claim your vision.  It manifests.

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