The Weekly Spark: Figuring out your more and less

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This year, I am fixated on two separate (but related) questions in my own life and the lives of my Passion. Purpose. Plunge clients.

What do you want to be doing less of in your life?  

What do you want to be doing more of in your life?   

You might recall that a few years ago, I shared my Basta! list with you here.  The Basta! list was a list of things that I was just done with doing– catching bad flights that left me drained for days, no unnecessary (read: just to get ahead) weekend work, no cell phone in the bedroom overnight, no writing assignments that aren’t mission-based (this led to a funny conversation with a friend when I turned down an assignment to write about female incontinence- certainly an important issue but NOT my mission.  My friend swears I will be incontinent any day now as my decision was karmically bad), not over engaging in other people’s stuff, etc.  My Basta! list has since seen some additions to it.  I try my darnedest to not work outside the home on Mondays.  Somehow my Mondays always blow-up and it is much easier to manage that blow-up if I am home based and not just operating from a cell phone in between meetings away from the house.  I try to put my computer to bed by 9 pm (I want this to change to earlier but 9 pm is what I can do right now most nights of the week) and myself to bed by 10:30 (no more late nights).  No more caffeine after 2 pm (unless I need to stay up).  I am trying my hardest to be as sensitive and deliberate as I can about the things that I want to be doing less of in my life and having a list really claims that for me.  It makes it real and, thus, makes me accountable.

But it is not enough to know just what you want to do be doing less of in your life.  It is also important to know what you want to be doing more of in your life.  How can you make your life more joyful and satisfying to live?  How can it be delightful and expansive and true for you?  I want more hammock time, more laughter, more home-cooked, unprocessed meals, more reading, more time margin, more quality time with BF, more lingering with Happy, more riding water, more yoga, more stretching, more work that is filled with meaning, more time with friends.  Knowing this helps me shape my days differently and can make any day satisfying and not just the really special days like vacation or birthdays.

Today, I want you to sit down and make your list.  What is on your Basta! List and what is on your More Please! list.  Claim what you want and don’t so you can live your dreams.

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And just an editorial note: I am taking the next couple days off from next content to give my brain a rest and my creativity a boost.  I’ll rebroadcast some old posts Tuesday through Thursday but I hope you’ll still visit as I find that I read things differently the second time around AND that I sometimes miss things I didn’t know I had missed.



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