The Weekly Spark: Say Your One True Thing

you become

I want to write you the perfect thing.  The thing that sets your day, your life, your soul on fire.

I want to write that for you today.

But here is the thing.

Today, I think you need to write it for yourself.

I want you to claim your one true thing.  The thing you know deep down inside but haven’t allowed yourself the quiet, the solitude, the truth seeking to let out.

Today, you are going to claim that transcendent thing you have known all long and that you are now ready to pause and absorb.

Today, I am asking you to not only say your thing for you to hear but to also share your thing, to be not just your spark but our spark, too.  Here. Now.  Share with us your words.  The thing that is just a bit past your threshold but if you reach for it— don’t worry, I am holding your ankles and I will not let you fall while you stretch— you will grab it and grabbing it will light something up in you and having been a little part of holding your feet while you reach will have been my honor and that will be just right for me, that will be my one perfect true thing today.

That thing that you reached for, your own true thing, what did it say?

Because, today, it may just be the thing that I or we need to hear to set my/our day, life, soul on fire, and we can blaze together, shining on into our great big possibilities, becoming each other’s sparks over and over and over again.

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2 responses to “The Weekly Spark: Say Your One True Thing”

  1. debora rorvig

    I ‘stumbled’ (if you believe that anything in this life is accident…and I don’t) onto your site and just wanted to tell you that it resonates deeply with me. I will be spending then next several days/weeks reading your posts and feeling grateful for your words.


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