7 responses to “What my minimum and ideal self-care look like”

  1. Marie

    My minimum self-care list…
    – eat healthy food
    – drink water
    – at least one shower per day
    – one manucure per week
    – a haircut every two months
    – have good time with the ones I love
    – read every day
    – enjoy moments outside in my garden
    – gardening

  2. mp

    Hi Rosie, my garden is a flower garden. I live in France, near the Mediterranée sea. So, it’s hard to keep the grass green. These days, lavender, roses, daisies are blooming 🙂

  3. Erika

    Hi Rosie, this is a very useful exercise, as I have both CFS and depression (although fairly high functioning). Having written it out, I realised that I do manage almost all of them, and that’s a good thing

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