Investing in Dreams

On Saturday, I led the last training run for Run Big Dream Big IV.  What is Run Big Dream Big?  An annual run that the Circle de Luz hijas and their supporters complete to show all of us that anything is possible.
While we ran, the hijas talked about their collegiate dreams— Princeton, Davidson, University of Delaware, NC State University, Lenoir-Rhyne, and Winthrop were all mentioned as possibilities.  If you grew up with a family history of college degrees and expectations about educations, these conversations may seem mundane.  But in this context, for our hijas who will be some of the first high school graduates in their families, much less college students, they are not at all mundane.  They are the stuff of expanding, incredible dreams.
At the end of our run, a couple was at the head of the greenway, handing out cold waters to runners, their offering in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.  This generosity was so touching and adding it up to the whole morning- the girls talking about their collegiate dreams, preparing to run a race when they never saw themselves as runners before Circle de Luz, running alongside women who have incredible personal and professional stories, pressing ahead even when there was a side stitch or exhausted lungs or legs— created a whole picture of what we hope our hijas learn and experience in Circle de Luz: how to dream, how to create an action plan for their intention, how to express kindness and give back.
This Saturday, we’ll be hitting the streets of Charlotte to chase our dreams at the 4th annual Run Big Dream Big.  The girls will be defying their own expectations of themselves— yes, they can run races even if they don’t see themselves as athletes- and will be able to use this metaphor and example for everything they do.  And those of us who are years removed from our high school experience will be running alongside them to cheer them on while fueled by the fact that our efforts have raised funds to propel them forward.
It takes $1300 to pay for an entire year of programming for a Circle de Luz class.  These funds cover college tours, art workshops and shows, SAT preparation, equine facilitated learning, nutrition and cooking workshops, wellness and health workshops, high ropes course challenges, hikes, financial literacy workshops, and more.  Last year, we put on 34 different programs for our girls and our program is only growing.  In fact, we are getting ready to add a brand new class.
It is with both great pride and great humility that I invite you to be a part of Run Big Dream Big IV by contributing to my fundraising efforts.  My goal is to raise $1000— almost a year of programming- through my efforts (and wouldn’t be incredible if we reached $1300- a full year of programming together), but right now, I am $300 away from my goal.  Can you help me and, most importantly, the Circle de Luz hijas reach their goal?  You can contribute here. This is a tax deductible donation and you will receive a receipt.
Thank you so much for your consideration and for believing in dreams.
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