Living the List, Month 5

Since it is April 18th, five months after my 39th birthday, and 7 months before 40, I thought that I would take a minute to look over my birthday list and see where things stand.  I also thought that I would check in with my spring awakening list.  So, here we go.

My birthday list consisted of 39 things and, so far, I have completed 10 items.

Try at least 12 new recipes.

See my college roommates.

Get a facial.

Go 10 days sugarless.

Start the You are Special Plate tradition. 

Take my birthday off.

Make a personal vision board.  

Make a professional vision board.

Get a hot stone massage.

Do something from Pinterest.

I am also well on my way to completing another 7 items.

Raise $1000 for Circle de Luz through Run Big Dream Big.  This is where I need your help!  I have raised $475 and I have 10 more days for fundraising.  21 donations of $25 would make all the difference and provide a semester and a half of programming to a Circle de Luz class.  If you can donate– any amount- I would be so, so grateful, as would the amazing Circle de Luz hijas.

Read 20 pleasure books.  I am reading # 12 now and listening to # 13.

Try 6 new Charlotte restaurants. I’ve tried Vivace and The Peculiar Rabbit and liked both and am headed to The Liberty next week.

Go paddle boarding.  I am signed up for a paddle board lesson.

Remember birthdays.  I feel like I can’t judge this one until the end but already feel like I am doing a much better job.

Write 30 thank you notes.  I’ve written and mailed about a third of them.

Go to a show. I have tickets for Happy and I to go see what looks like a fun “street” performance show in May.


As for Spring Awakening, it was a good thing I revisited that list of twenty dream spring to dos because, um, we have done three of them.  We have started reading chapter books with Happy, taken him to a sporting event, and gone to the movies.  There are a couple other things actively planned (i.e.: I’ve signed up for a paddle board lesson and have tickets to the show– note: some birthday list items show up on the spring list to encourage me in getting those things scheduled) but there are definitely no veggies in the garden yet nor have I been painting or gone berry picking).  Glad to have the gentle reminder of when time opens up.


Do you have a birthday or spring awakening list?  What’s on your list?

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