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In an effort not to bury the lead, let me give it to you straight… I am raising my rates on the Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreats.

When I first conceived the PPP retreats (the idea came to me like a shot of electricity in the town library while Happy and I were chasing away the chill of a fall afternoon), the idea was already almost fully formed.  My subconscious had done a lot of the work.  I knew what I wanted to focus on with my clients and the gifts that I had to offer (both a knack for asking the question that needs asking and creating structure for the possibilities), what I wanted clients to get from the experience (inspiration and structure that powerfully guides them in giving their passion and purpose to the world), the loose structure of how a retreat would work, and how much a retreat would cost– $500 for the half day, 5 contact hours experience and $750 for the 8 contact hours experience.

As I worked out all the final details: location, a pre-retreat vision form, a client agreement, etc., I couldn’t help but want to offer this experience to MORE people and, in my mind, what would make that possible was lowering the price from my original hunch.  So I did.

And over the last five months, I’ve offered 2-3 retreats a month (3 was what I determined to be my upper limit on monthly offerings) and my heart has just sung before, during, and after them.  This is soul work for me, and it feels so right.  But because it is soul work, I pour myself into it, and it has become more and more clear to me that to make this model work (The truth is that when I am in, I am in.  When I choose to work with a client, I care passionately about that person and her dreams and desires so, in reality, each 5 contact hour experience actually means at least 9-10 hours for me and requires the expenses of the space rental, supplies, food and childcare.), I either have to reduce how often I do the retreats or raise my rates on them.  And when you love something, you don’t want to do less of it, and so my plan, instead, is to move closer towards the prices I initially imagined for the retreats.  My subconscious, it seems, was probably onto something now that I really sit down and look at the numbers.

So, I am raising my rates.  And I know that means I’ll bring it even harder so that I can be absolutely certain that you squeeze every penny out of this experience, and I also know that my clients will bring it even harder because the investment- the dare- is even greater.  I get that, and I am really excited about the magic the intensity of that will create.  Because embracing our own magic is what it is all about, isn’t it?

What’s the bottom-line?

I  am not immediately jumping up to those initial prices I imagined (or beyond). Instead, I am bridging the distance with the expectation that I’ll have another price increase in January 2014.

The 5 hour Passion Purpose Plunge experience will now cost $450.

The 8 hour Passion Purpose Plunge experience will now cost $700.

But, here’s the thing, the new prices don’t go into effect until May 1st.  For every retreat booked between now and May 1st (even if the retreat takes place months from now), you can get the initial prices of $375 for the 5 hour experience and $650 for the 8 hour experience.  If you have been considering this experience for yourself, then now is the time to make that investment in yourself.  I have just one retreat opening left for May and am now booking summer retreats.

Curious as to what retreat participants have said about their experience?

Rosie has the unique gifts of wisdom, discipline, focus and fun which makes her retreat valuable on every level. I came into the coaching confused and left my first session with clarity, focus, practical plans and a sense that my life contains infinite possibility undergirded by a solid strategy. AND I had a wonderful time! Ruth Pittard, 66 years and starting anew.

If I could describe my PPP retreat experience in one word, it would be REJUVENATING. Rosie has a great mix of wonderful, whimsical enthusiasm and specific, organized planning. These came together to create a plan for my upcoming year that excites me and challenges me. It’s no longer a clump of vague ideas wrestling with each other, but a set plan that purposefully moves me forward and offers many opportunities for growth and new experiences. It was great to talk about my desires and hopes and have someone listen and forge them into something attainable, someone to remind me that a lot is in my hands – for one, how I face and treat each day. Having Rosie as a mentor is refreshing and life-giving. From the food provided to the exercises of discernment and planning we did, I felt taken care of and listened to. It was great to be able to step back from my assumptions of what society thinks I should do with my life and think about what I actually want to do. No matter where you are or what you’re looking for in life, Rosie will provide a safe space and affirming ways to go forward. You won’t regret a PPP retreat. Claire Asbury

Signing up for a Passion. Purpose. Plunge. retreat is one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. Rosie created a thorough and thoughtful program that helped me identify personal and professional goals and develop a comprehensive plan for achieving them. During the retreat, Rosie created opportunities that stretched my beliefs about what is possible, allowing me to dream big — and she provided the support to help me reach the goals we set together. I left the retreat feeling invigorated and inspired. Less than 48 hours after the Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat, I’d introduced a new program and got immediate results. I’ll be signing up for another retreat very soon! Jodi Helmer
Want to learn more or book your own retreat?  Email me at rosiemolinary at gmail dot com to get the conversation started.
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