The Weekly Spark: Spring Awakening

Abstract Purple Pink Trees by C. Horvath

I heart spring.  And because it is taking its dear sweet time arriving, I am getting really impatient for it.  Since I can’t yet enjoy everything that it has to offer, I am making a list.  Just like I celebrate summer with Summer of Intentionality and fall with Fall Frolic and winter with Winter Wonder, I am celebrating spring with SPRING AWAKENING.

Spring Awakening is all about savoring the moments, taking big bites of life with my sweet little family and on my own, practicing being present and real and true as often as possible.  It is a reminder to myself of what roots me, what makes me feel good, what feels expansive.

Given that, here is my current Spring Awakening list (you’ll see some are family oriented and some are just for me!):

1.  Start reading simple chapter books with Happy.

2.  Pick berries.

3.  Try two new berry recipes.

4.  Go on a hike.

5.  Get Happy comfortable on his bike.

6.   Paint.

7.  Take Happy to a show.

8.  Write at least 5 entries in Happy’s journal.

9.  Clean Happy’s closet.

10.  Make potting bench.

11.  Plant the garden.

12.  Buy a bunch of flowers just because.

13.  Finish my 39 thank you notes.

14.  Finish at least 20 books on my birthday book list.

15.  Start running again.

16.  Go stand up paddle boarding.

17.  Build a path to the sugar shack.

18.  Finish cleaning out the attic.

19.  Take Happy to a movie.

20.  Take Happy to a sporting event.

This week, prepare for your own Spring Awakening.  Think about what feeling you want from your spring (or, if your seasons are the opposite of mine, then fall) and then create a list of things you can do independently or with loved ones in order to make the most of this moment in your life and spring.

What feeling do you want your spring to have?  What is going to make it on your list?

{image information: this happy, beautiful painting is by Cathy Horvath-Buchanan.  I came across her work on Etsy and I was so delighted by her unique, bright style.  It is my great pleasure to share her work with you!  Go check out her site to see even more beauty.}

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