Be a part of the good news!

There is the hard news…

Fifty-one percent of Latina girls get pregnant before the age of twenty.

Forty-four percent do not graduate from high school.

Only thirteen percent of Latinos have a college degree.

And the good news…

Girls with long-term plans or educational aspirations have more hope for the future, are less likely to get pregnant, and become more engaged in school and related activities—all factors making it more likely that they will graduate from high school and make it to college.

Research has shown that a relationship with a caring adult helps students stay in school and graduate.

We want to invite you to be part of that good news.

Circle de Luz is a non-profit focused on radically empowering young Latinas by supporting their transformation through extensive mentoring, holistic programming, and scholarship funds to help further their education. You can help them by becoming a Mija (a Spanish term of endearment for girlfriend), one of hundreds of women across the country participating in the Circle de Luz giving circle, making a dramatic difference in the lives of some wonderful young women.

In September, we will select the Circle de Luz Class of 2019 from the seventh graders at James Martin Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina. From now until the girls reach high school graduation, we will support them with mentoring and programming to empower them to achieve their goals of graduating from high school and pursuing further education. When they graduate from high school, we will support them with a minimum $5,000 scholarship provided to them by our mijas.

Mijas are women from all over the country who believe in the power of education, who want to make a difference, and change the count. Mijas make a commitment to donate a minimum of $100 for each of the six years that their class of girls is in the program. That money is used to award a scholarship to every Circle de Luz hija (what we call the young women in our program) upon high school graduation and enrollment in a further educational opportunity.

We need at least 50 mijas to provide this life changing opportunity to at least 5 new hijas. Mijas can have any background and can live anywhere. Will you consider joining this powerful group of women making a difference?

You do not need to make your donation for the 2013-2014 school year at this time. To join the circle, please complete this Letter of Commitment.. We then ask that 1/2 of your year’s commitment be paid by September 15 and the other half by March 15, 2014 (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder when the time comes). You are welcome to mail, scan and email, or fax it by following the directions on the form.

Have more questions?  Email us at

Thank you for helping empower the lives of amazing young women!

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  1. Anna

    You are such an inspiration, Rosie. Thank you for all the good & important work you do in this world! I am proud to know you. xo

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