The Weekly Spark: Write a Greatest Hits List

Have you been singing a self-hating song lately?  Lamenting everything you do wrong and not giving yourself credit for what you are doing right?

Well, it is time for a brand new chorus.

We sometimes lose focus of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished. Being reminded of our successes and victories grounds us in our competence and abilities.  Today, I want you to put aside fifteen minutes to sing a different song.  Fix yourself a glass of cold water, lemonade, tea or another drink, sit down with a journal or notebook, and make a list of the successes you have enjoyed throughout your life.

At what moments have you felt especially proud of yourself?

Yes, winning the spelling bee in 3rd grade counts. So does making an A on that exam that had you scared out of your gourd.  As does nailing the big contract or that presentation or that complex cross stitching pattern.  If it made your chest puff up, then it needs to be listed.

Capture as many of these successes and joys as you can so you can see the magnitude of your successes and revisit this list when you want to celebrate your progress and abilities.

Later, as you remember other successes or do more things, add to the list.

What success makes you particularly proud?  Don’t be shy.  Claim your greatness.  I am eager to hear it!

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3 responses to “The Weekly Spark: Write a Greatest Hits List”

  1. Adah

    Oh so timely. Sunday nights are hard. I was busy and productive and happy all weekend, but as I sit here preparing for the week ahead, all I can think about is how there are sticky spots all over the kitchen floor and how the living room is littered with toys – both of which will remain this way until the morning when I may or may not clean up. So, a greatest hits list sounds wonderful. And just spending 10 seconds thinking about one or two accomplishments gives me a little rush. So . . . I won a grant this month – my first. I also built three frames for vegetable gardens all by myself this afternoon – I had to pull out the power tools to cut the lumber and screw them together and it felt really good. I’m going to try to create a list on paper, too!

    Yay! Thanks!

  2. Still

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