Writing Your Life

I am so excited to be doing a workshop in March at The Farm at Weather’s Creek.

The Farm:  The Farm at Weathers Creek is located in Iredell County, North Carolina, wedged between two creeks -Winthrow from the south and Weathers from the  north-west.  We grow food to eat and use only sustainable methods in maintaining the land.  Each month we host workshops for writers and artists from across the Southeast.  We are dedicated to preservation and growth and living lightly on the planet.

The workshop:  WRITING YOUR LIFE

Self-reflection allows us a moment of inquiry, a moment to identify desire and potential.  It also powerfully improves all of our writing.  Journaling predisposes us to a more authentic embrace of our self and our choices and leads us more profoundly towards our possibilities.   In this workshop, participants will engage in a range of journaling tools and practices and then explore how journaling can be a jumpstart into other writing.

Interested in joining the fun?  Get more information here.  

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