First, Love You

Are you happy with how much love you have in your life– from you?

Do you have enough self-confidence to make your dreams possible?

Are you energized by who you are and what you have to offer?

Are you ready to give the world your gifts because you are no longer distracted by what you perceive as your flaws?

I firmly believe that we are all here– on this earth- for a purpose.  We each have some gift we are meant to give the world.  And if we are distracted by our bodies, by our sense of our selves, by the lies we tell ourselves, then we cannot live our purpose.  And because I believe that when we find our purpose, the whole world wins, I cannot just sit back and watch as someone allows herself to suffer.  Every single one of us deserves to feel love from ourselves and we deserve to live our purpose.

If you are struggling with your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, body image, beauty perception, or being your authentic self, then I want to invite you to imagine a different way of life.

I want you to imagine yourself…

♥  CONFIDENT- able to bloom because you have finally embraced your essential truth.

 SELF-COMPASSIONATE- armed with the tools to honor yourself in the same way you have always honored others.

♥  INSPIRED- to live your full expression so that you may inspire others.

 AUTHENTIC- unafraid to embrace who you are and open to the transformation authenticity brings.

 VIBRANT- ready to take your newfound knowledge out into the world to live your passion and purpose.

If this feels right, if this feels like what you want for yourself, then I want to invite you to spend the day at First, Love You: a soul-warming retreat (March 20th from 9:30 am until 2 pm at Triple Play Farm in Davidson) where you will connect with an intimate group of dedicated women, learning tricks and tools that unleash your authenticity, honor who you are and what you are meant to give to this world, and give valuable insight on how to move forward in self-acceptance.  You will be guided in contemplative and creative self-awareness and self-acceptance exercises. You will experience what it feels like to be held up to be your best self in a relaxing environment and you will learn how to move yourself forward with your own care, acceptance, and love.

Interested?  Learn more.  

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