Honor What You Need

The last few Mondays have unfolded in a way that has given me heart palpitations, a little anxiety stomachache and just general non-flow.

It is not that I have a case of Mondays.  In general, I am not a Monday hater (to my past two Mondays, I am sorry if it feels a little like I am.  I swear, I am not and read on because I am trying to make amends).

Because every Monday this year has been touched by a bit of overwhelm and, generally, I don’t like the idea of starting my week off from a place of low grade “holy crappness,” I decided to do some pondering about why my Mondays have been hairy and investigate what I could do about it.

The biggest feeling of overwhelm for me, on a Monday, is the crazy amount of email that I get on Monday mornings.  I’ve got this to do list planned and then, all of a sudden, my inbox becomes my to do list.  And mostly that would be okay if I had the time to face my inbox but I typically have meetings, retreats, or other things scheduled on Monday mornings and so by 10 am, I am anxious about the 32 things that need my attention in my inbox and the very little window of time I have to give them my attention.

So once I had discovered the cause of the Monday afternoon stomachache and lack of flow, I had to ask myself the next essential question.

What do you need to do about this?  

And here is what I figured out.  I need to block my Monday mornings off and not plan anything other than office time on Monday mornings so that I can tackle both my to do list and everything that comes up in an efficient way that allows the rest of my week to flow as I need it to (especially because I very rarely get office time).

But knowing that isn’t enough. I committed further by going through my calendar and writing IN THE OFFICE on the Monday mornings that I currently haven’t scheduled anything (unfortunately, that’s not that many in the short term but I am hoping that this will start me towards that new habit and that by May, I am routinely not scheduling Mondays away from the office).

It’s just a small little step but it is a step that demonstrates that I am paying attention and trying to honor my self with my choices.  I don’t like how something feels inside of me and so I am trying to make movement away from the thing that causes the feeling.

What doesn’t feel good to you?

What is causing that feeling?

What do you need to do about it?

What is one step you can take that will lead you away from what you don’t want to feel?

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  1. Tami -- Teacher Goes Back to School

    so much to say! ruby’s naps were diminishing in quality and quanity and i found myself yelling at her (so helpful for getting ready to sleep, i know). i was feeling like a giant grump/failure, my kid was over stimulated, under-rested and kinda sassy.

    so a few weeks ago i decided to just drive her around until she falls asleep and then i park in the shade and read. i felt bad about it at first and then realized it is what we need to do now in order for that girl to get some sleep and for me not to be such a grump.

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