Our passion is our fuel.


It can seem so trivial.  Like one of those things that is afforded to the lucky or the rich or the indulgent.

But what I am here to tell you is that it is not.

Passion can save us.  It can transform us.  It fuels us.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Our passion is not just a self-serving, one way street.  Our passion is a way for us to be of service to others, to engage, to connect, to transform the lives of others.

Too often, we grow up and we tuck our passions away.  We think it is not grown-up to feel so acutely about something, to forget time because we are so absorbed, to be so happy and consumed.  We think it is selfish.

And, yet, what I have seen in young women who are buoyed against poor self-image and in adult women who are thriving is that there is something in their life for which they feel a passion.  It may not be how they make a living.  But it gets attention in their lives in some measure nonetheless.

Maybe it is a love of words, of feeling the wind against their face as they run, of seeing a lightbulb alight in a child’s mind, of finding just the right image to tell a story, of solving a problem.

Whatever it is, it matters that you have that feeling in your life because it makes anything seem possible, it gives you fuel, it satisfies.

What is your passion?  What grabs your attention?  Where does your mind wander when it has time?

If you can’t think of a current passion, look back as there are often roots planted when we are young.

What did you love at 5?  10?  15?  25?  Could you love it again, in some iteration, now?

If yes, seek what the iteration might be in your life today.  If not, ask your friends about their passions and if you might be able to join them as they delve into their’s.  Who knows, it might spark you, too.

Find your passion, and you will find your fuel.

Find your fuel, and you find infinite possibility.

Let’s get going.

*and, yes, you can absolutely have more than one passion and your passion can change over life.

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