are you ready to plunge in?

If these types of questions are on your mind…

How do I move past my fear to really get at the life I want?

What will it take for me to feel awake, invigorated, encouraged, inspired, focused, clear, committed, and authentic?

When and where can I take some time away from the rigors of my routine to really breathe, think, dream, and plan for my dreams?

Who is someone that I can talk to about my dreams without being laughed at and while begin supported, encouraged, and guided?

What do I need to do to make this year THE year?

…then a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat may just be the thing for you.

What is a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat? An individualized, one-on-one, in person retreat designed and facilitated by me with your greatest needs, wants, and dreams in mind.  Together, during a pre-retreat Vision Session, we’ll identify what it is you most need in place to move forward on living with passion, purpose, and deep self-acceptance.  Then, I’ll personally design a retreat for you that allows you to creatively and thoughtfully move through your fears and challenges, claim your dreams, and step into the life you are meant to be living.

Rosie has the unique gifts of wisdom, discipline, focus and fun which makes her retreat valuable on every level. I came into the coaching confused and left my first session with clarity, focus, practical plans and a sense that my life contains infinite possibility undergirded by a solid strategy. AND I had a wonderful time! Ruth Pittard, 66 years and starting anew.

On the day of your retreat, we’ll gather at Triple Play Farm in Davidson and awaken your hunger for your possibilities while crafting a plan that leads you to the life, meaning, and courage you desire and deserve.  As you carry out your mission after the retreat, I’ll be just an email, phone call or face-to-face meeting away to offer you support.

A Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat is for you if you are ready to…  Embrace your passions.  Explore your possibilities.  Have more enthusiasm for life and to recognize what motivates you and makes you happy.  Identify and embrace your authentic self.  Filter out the excess noise that keeps you from discerning what you are meant to be doing.

How do the retreats work?  There are three focus potential focus areas for the retreat.  

The Passion focus is all about empowering you to manifest more joy and happiness in your life, allowing you to embrace who you are and create how you want to live.  We will focus on what you find life giving and create a plan that empowers you to implement those talents throughout your world.

The Purpose focus allows you to claim your mission in life and realize how you want to live it.  You’ll see how your natural passions can yield a mission that doesn’t seem like work and that can be enriching to others.  You’ll discover creative ways for fulfillment in your purpose, even if you aren’t able to wholly dedicate your professional career to it.  You’ll have a sense of what you would like your legacy to be.

The Plunge focus allows us to dive into what self-care should look like for you and how you can more deliberately embrace self-acceptance so you can become your most powerful ally in realizing your own dreams.  You will discover and articulate your needs while creating a concrete plan of how to implement meeting those needs into your daily life.

If I could describe my PPP retreat experience in one word, it would be REJUVENATING. Rosie has a great mix of wonderful, whimsical enthusiasm and specific, organized planning. These came together to create a plan for my upcoming year that excites me and challenges me. It’s no longer a clump of vague ideas wrestling with each other, but a set plan that purposefully moves me forward and offers many opportunities for growth and new experiences. It was great to talk about my desires and hopes and have someone listen and forge them into something attainable, someone to remind me that a lot is in my hands – for one, how I face and treat each day. Having Rosie as a mentor is refreshing and life-giving. From the food provided to the exercises of discernment and planning we did, I felt taken care of and listened to. It was great to be able to step back from my assumptions of what society thinks I should do with my life and think about what I actually want to do. No matter where you are or what you’re looking for in life, Rosie will provide a safe space and affirming ways to go forward. You won’t regret a PPP retreat. Claire Asbury

Because each retreat is uniquely designed with its participant in mind, a retreat might focus on just one of these areas or it might incorporate elements from two or more areas.  One client might most need assistance in organizing (anything from time management to to-do management) how she executes her mission-based work (purpose) while also creating a plan for how to create more moments informed by passion and joy in her family life (passion).  Another woman might want to work on her self-acceptance (plunge) so that she has the confidence to pursue her mission (purpose) while a third woman may have just retired or acquired an empty nest and is looking at how to meaningfully fill her time (passion or purpose, depending on the situation).
Signing up for a Passion. Purpose. Plunge. retreat is one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. Rosie created a thorough and thoughtful program that helped me identify personal and professional goals and develop a comprehensive plan for achieving them. During the retreat, Rosie created opportunities that stretched my beliefs about what is possible, allowing me to dream big — and she provided the support to help me reach the goals we set together. I left the retreat feeling invigorated and inspired. Less than 48 hours after the Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat, I’d introduced a new program and got immediate results. I’ll be signing up for another retreat very soon! Jodi Helmer
There are two types of retreats.
The half-day retreat consists of a 3 hour in-person retreat at Triple Play Farm, a one hour pre-retreat vision session, a one hour post-retreat follow-up session, a pre-retreat workbook, notes from each meeting, an action plan that will guide your post-retreat plans, and food during the retreat.

The full-day retreat consists of a 6 hour in-person retreat at Triple Play Farm, a one hour pre-retreat vision session, a one hour post-retreat follow-up session, a pre-retreat workbook, notes from each meeting, an action plan that will guide your post-retreat plans, and food during the retreat.

While there is no boiler plate retreat to show you, what I can assure you of is that you will leave your retreat with a sense of confidence in what you uniquely offer the world, the ability to articulate it, and a vision for how to live on purpose.  You will feel invigorated, optimistic, and focused and have a clear action plan on how to move forward in an authentic, whole-hearted way.

If a Passion. Purpose. Plunge retreat feels like exactly what you need or like what you may need, email me at rosiemolinary (at) gmail (dot) com  and we can talk over email or set up an introductory phone call to see if it the retreat is the right thing for you and if we’re the right fit.

The prices are as follows…

Half-Day Retreat (5 contact hours):  $375

Full-Day Retreat (8 contact hours):   $650

If you are eager for your own rejuvenating experience, be in touch.  It would be my great honor to partner with you in realizing your possibilities.

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