Saying no so you can say yes

How to Say No & Make Your Life Better

Are you riddled with too many responsibilities and not enough time? Do you feel you need more hours in the day? Do you want a life that feels more in tune with what you care about and less weighed down with obligations?  Then what you probably need is to say NO more often…

During yesterday’s New Year Personal Summit exercise, I encouraged you to write a yes and no list as part of your preparations for this year.  And while it might be relatively easy to write your no list, it can be much harder to actually put your nos in place.  Getting comfortable saying no takes both some shifting of your mindset and some  practice and pre-thinking.  Today, I am over at Mamiverse talking all about the why and how for saying no.  Check it out to get some perspective on how to make more room in your life.  

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