the weekly spark: create a you are special plate tradition

When I taught high school, one of my students struggled with lows, and we often talked during these times. During one conversation, I asked her what could still bring a smile to her face. As soon as I asked the question, her face brightened with recognition. She told me how her boyfriend’s mother had a plate that said “You are Special” on it, and when anyone in the family, my student included, did something special—earned their driver’s license, made an A on a test, scored in an athletic match or kept someone else from scoring—the plate came out at the  next meal for that person to use. My student, who was amazing but, like many young women today, struggled with knowing her worth, loved the times when the plate made its way in front of her. In those moments, she felt seen, appreciated, beautiful, and, indeed, special.

I have always loved this idea and vowed that I would one day start this tradition in my own home.  This Saturday, we will be celebrating our adoption day- the day that our adoption went through in Ethiopia four years ago (though it would be another month before we met our boy because of the international adoption process).  On that morning, Happy will enjoy his breakfast from his own You are Special plate and then that plate will become a part of the fabric of our family’s life.  My hope is that this simple tradition will help everyone in our family feel more seen and special.

This week:  Stop by a pottery-painting store and paint a “You are Special” plate or order one from Etsy.  Then use it to celebrate the brilliant, beautiful moments in your life and the lives of those you love.

{Image Source:  This plate is from the Etsy vendor I used for our own You are Special Plate.  Check her out!}

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