steps for starting your own book club

3 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Book Club

There is very little that can compel me to leave my family during dinner and bath time, but one evening commitment that is a never miss is book club.  I absolutely love my book club– we choose great books, the women are incredible, and they are also darn fine chefs (our book club is over dinner and we each host 2x a year).  It’s a ball of a time, and I am so glad that a small group of friend started this group about 6 years ago.

Today, I am over at Mamiverse sharing a few ideas for starting your book club.  Here’s the beginning of that piece then just hit the link below to finish it…

Do you love reading? Do you wish you could be part of a book club where you could get together with other book lovers and talk character and plot lines? Don’t wait for an invitation. Start your own book club. It’s easier than you think!

That’s exactly what two friends and I did more than five years ago after we were inspired by a spirited conversation we had about a book we’d all read. We were out hiking at the time, and our conversation was so energizing we decided we wanted a regular place for such discussions. By the time our hike was done, we had figured out the logistics and all that was left to do was invite three more people to join us.

Years later, we’ve shared dozens of meals and books. But even more than that, we have rich friendships that go beyond the books. Sounds good? Then go ahead and create your own book club. Here’s some advice to get you started.     

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