The Weekly Spark: Set Monthly Goals

This year, I started a new ritual.  I set 3 goals monthly for me to focus my energy.  Sometimes they are very tangible (organize 10 small spaces in my house) and sometimes they are more conceptual (work on increasing my sense of calm and wellbeing).  The goals are a bit of a compass for what I’d like to do but I am also incredibly gracious (read: forgiving) with myself if I just can’t pull them off.

In November, these were my goals:

1.  Have a hot stone massage.    Not yet, but it is coming.  I asked for a hot stone massage for my birthday and did receive a gift certificate for it.  I called to make the appointment and it is set for next week.  I can’t wait.  So while the hot stone massage didn’t happen in November, everything to make it happen did so I am counting it as a success.

2.  Make Quinoa.  Nope.  I tried lots of new recipes in November and never got around to Quinoa.  Oh well.  It’ll happen.

3.  Make at least 10 pieces of art.    I did some painting but perhaps not 10 pieces as I was painting with Happy and so things get a bit blurred in terms of productivity.  It was fun that involved paint, though, so I’ll give myself credit for it. 

Now, for my December goals.

1.  Enjoy the holiday lights.  I love the twinkle of lights in the dark.  I really want to take some time– driving around to see lights, lighting candles in the twilight, remembering to turn on our own holiday lights (we are notorious for hanging lights and then forgetting to turn them on).

2.  Get my end of semester grading done as efficiently as possible and with as little detrimental effect (lack of sleep, movement, good food) as possible.

3.  Really involve Happy in a giving tree experience this year (we always do it but this year, I think he can get it and, thus, I want him to be involved in the process from picking the ornament that reveals what gift we are to get, to selecting it at the store, to wrapping it, to delivering it).

Today:  Write down three goals you have for the month of December.  Consider what you most need emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally to be well and allow those things to show up in your goals.

1.  What are your three goals for December?  What inspired these goals?

2.  How will you insure that you can meet your goals?

3.  What was your greatest learning from the shine journey?


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3 responses to “The Weekly Spark: Set Monthly Goals”

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  2. Cecile

    November’s goals:
    – pack my bag for the maternity clinic => done
    – be up-to-date on all the paperwork to be done before/after the birth and prepare as far as possible => done
    – begin with Christmas preparations as far as possible – maybe also lists for my dear ones to know what to do, or for me to not forget too much in the rush. => “as far as possible” is not very concrete, but I am really proud of how organized we are. And I am proud that this happened because of a good priority management, without perfectionism. So done.

    December’s goals:
    – write Christmas cards to family and friends
    – consciously care a lot for myself and enjoy
    – enjoy some more special and lovely moments with Delight

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