Friday Reflections


Friday Reflections is all about reflecting on the week by observing our senses.  My hope is that this will be a gentle, easy way to tune into how we are doing and what we are experiencing weekly when journaling in general can feel so daunting.

Now, for this week’s Friday Reflections (with each sense as your inspiration, consider how experiencing it impacted your week).

Here is my sensory round-up for this week:     

tasting :: Arroz con gandules and tostones.  Two Puerto Rican yums that my mamacita and papito made for us while we were there for Thanksgiving.

hearing ::  the audiobook of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Flynn is the author of Gone Girl.  After reading it, I thought I would check out her other work and Sharp Objects is her first novel.

smelling ::  Evergreen.  Not sure what I love more, the smell of a Christmas tree or the twinkling lights in the darkness.

seeing ::  Holiday decorations.  Little hints of whimsy all over the house make me smile.

feeling :: focused.  It’s the end of the semester which means I have a stack of papers for grading to add to the layer of busy-ness so I have to be on top of everything for anything to get done.  Fingers crossed.

wishing/hoping :: for a smooth, efficient three weeks before Christmas.  A lot to do, not a lot of time.  May I make every minute count.

What about you?  What were your sensational experiences this week?  Please share!

This post was inspired by Teacher Goes Back to School who was inspired by Pink of Perfection’s Five Sense Friday.

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