October Goal Review, November Goals

Every month, I set a few targeted goals to help me navigate the month. The goals are a bit of a compass for what I’d like to do but I am also incredibly gracious (read: forgiving) with myself if I just can’t pull them off. Here is a review of October’s goals and how I did and my goals for November.

October Goal Review:

1. Go to the Maize Maze or Renaissance Festival.  Nope.  We did LOTS of other fun stuff like go to a college football game and go to the International Festival at the local college (where we had some awesome Ethiopian food), but we weren’t able to fit in the maze or Ren Fest yet.  There’s still November before both shut down for the year so maybe it’ll happen.

2. Try 2 new recipes.  Yep.  We tried a new minestrone recipe and a new broccoli rabe recipe.  Both were fabulous.  Recipes to come in tomorrow’s 10 things I loved about October post.

3. Fully conceptualize new retreat offering.  I’ll be sharing more about this next week but, yes, the new retreats are conceptualized and I am so exited to have some retreats booked before the end of the year.

November’s Goals: 

1.  Have a hot stone massage.  

2.  Make Quinoa.  

3.  Make at least 10 pieces of art.  

What were your goals in October? How did it go? What are your goals for November?

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3 responses to “October Goal Review, November Goals”

  1. Cecile

    Well, it becomes always more difficult to me to achieve anything.
    October’s goals were:
    – 3 further sessions of 30 min for paper organisation. -> Not done.
    – either complete the missing 3 Shine exercizes, or (if still not possible) define and complete 3 mental exercizes (meditation, make my picture of Shine/Day15, and…?. -> Not done the way I wanted, but reading your blog and making some of the exercizes proposed counts. So done.
    – make our own batch of snacks (e.g. crackers) instead of buying some. -> Not done.

    November’s goals:
    – pack my bag for the maternity clinic
    – be up-to-date on all the paperwork to be done before/after the birth and prepare as far as possible
    – begin with Christmas preparations as far as possible – maybe also lists for my dear ones to know what to do, or for me to not forget too much in the rush.

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