38 things October update

Every year, as a celebration of my birthday, I write a list.

The list is a way to encourage myself to try new things, branch out, do what I need to do.

And, so, ambitiously, I open up a document on my computer and type X number of things to do before I turn X (the first number is always the age I am turning and the second number is always the age I am a year away from being.  Hence, this year’s list is 38 things to do before turning 39).

The point of the list is inspiration.  I don’t strive for perfection with this list.  With every item crossed off, I think of what’s been added to my life.  Not scratching something off isn’t a fail, it just didn’t work out for whatever reason– time, money, memory, or maybe it just sounded more good on paper than in my mind when I rolled over doing it.  In fact, I have NEVER crossed off everything on a list, even when I was in my twenties.  What I do with the list is look look at it periodically and try to plan my days with achieving some of its challenges in mind.

With just one month until my 39th birthday, I can’t help but think about what I want on my next list and what I still have to do on this list and so, today, I took a peek.

So far, I’ve completed 14 things…

1. Create a personal vision board.

2.  Create a professional vision board.

3.  Take my birthday off.

4.  Create more time margin (go pure, say no more).  a work constantly in progress, yes, but more in progress now than ever before… 

5.  Cut Christmas tree.

6.  Reestablish my personal style.  again, a work in progress but more resolved than it was…

7.  Pick apples.

8.  Have a great backyard garden.

9.  Have a monthly date with BF.

10.  Build a robust professional life.  always in progress, I feel like I fine tune weekly and that gets more and more to my passion and purpose 

11.  Redecorate Master Bedroom.  still need to change the carpet but everything else done 

12.  Have a picnic.

13.  Take Happy to see McAdenville lights.

14.  Try hot yoga.

Here are some things that I might still be able to pull off before the next birthday..

1.  Take Happy and Lola on a hike.

2.  Read 38 books.  This is a long shot as I still have 14 more books to go but a girl can try.  

3.  Make quinoa.

4.  Read something by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

5.   Take short trip with BF.

6.  Figure out college savings plan.

7.  Do a creative marathon: complete 26 works of art (any size, any medium).

8.  Finish cleaning out attic.

9.  Go to at least 6 presentations/ readings/ performances.  Two to go.  

10.  Write in Happy’s journal regularly.

11.  Get a hot stone massage.

Love that painting?  See more of Emily Green’s work.

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4 responses to “38 things October update”

  1. Keepcatebusy (Cate)

    14 is pretty impressive!! And you could knock off #4 and use it towards your tally for #2 (canny!)
    Btw, the key to cooking quinoa is to rinse it thoroughly 😉

  2. Claire A.


    I went back and read your original post on this and saw that you did your first one before you turned 25. I turn 25 tomorrow and love this idea, so I’m going to start. Hopefully it will be the first of many!


  3. Angela

    I have so many of the same goals. I did a vision board. I so wanted to love quinoa, but sadly did not. Happy birthday!

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