September wrap-up, October Goals

Every month, I set a few targeted goals to help me navigate the month.  The goals are a bit of a compass for what I’d like to do but I am also incredibly gracious (read: forgiving) with myself if I just can’t pull them off.  Here is a review of September’s goals and how I did and my goals for October.
September Goal Review:
1.  Create more breathing room.  This means knowing when (and what) to say no to when it presents itself (and not being scared to say no because I’m worried someone will be disappointed.
How did I do:  Great!  I mentioned yesterday that I said no to at least five offers and really used my passion, gifts, sense of clarity, and actual time available guide  what I committed to or declined.  For example, a program for a book club that wanted to celebrate the life of a member who passed away.  Absolutely.  A 7 hour (one way drive, entire trip on my own dime) to a Washington DC area television station to do a live, in-person interview.  Just not something I could pull off without so much else– from my family to my other work (grading papers, for example) suffering.  Honored to be invited, but just couldn’t make it happen in the 3 day turn around time they needed.  There was a time when I would have made it happen so as not to let anyone down.
2.  Read 3 more books (since I am setting these a bit into the month).
How did I do:  Um, didn’t happen.  Read one more book for a total of four this month.  Grading is taking all my reading time and/or brain power.
3.  Get us settled into a routine now that Happy is back to preschool.
How did I do:  Great!  We’ve got a good little rhythm going; hooray.
October goals:
1.  Go to the Maize Maze or Renaissance Festival.
2.  Try 2 new recipes.
3.  Full conceptualize new retreat offering.
What were your goals in September?  How did it go?  What are your goals for October?
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One response to “September wrap-up, October Goals”

  1. Cecile

    September’s goals:
    – Daily 15 min of paper organisation. Done.
    – Complete the few Shine exercizes I missed so far. Not done – I was not as fit this month as I expected to.
    – Daily apply my basic wellness prescription. Done. Still need to be consistent on it, but already a big improvement in my wellbeing!

    October’s goals:
    – 3 further sessions of 30 min for paper organisation.
    – either complete the missing 3 Shine exercizes, or (if still not possible) define and complete 3 mental exercizes (meditation, make my picture of Shine/Day15, and…?)
    – make our own batch of snacks (e.g. crackers) instead of buying some.

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