So, I’ve had a jam packed run of days and the schedule madness took a pause Tuesday afternoon and lasts until Wednesday night.  I noodled on what to write for a blog post but the truth is that my body and mind are worn down– and I’ve got all the symptoms that come with that wearing down– my ear and throat hurts; I’m pooped and parched; my muscles ache.  So rather than try to force sentences out, I am going to practice what I preach and tell you that I am bedding down now and giving myself a break from a brand new Wednesday post.  I am sleeping in tomorrow, going on a much needed run or walk, having an exciting planning meeting with a friend, getting a massage, and then enjoying my afternoon with the cutest boy in my world.  After that good medicine, I’ll likely be back in 24 hours.  For now, I am crawling in bed, watching tv, chugging water, reading my book, and dozing off.  Sweet dreams and happy Wednesday, dear friends.  Take care of you, promise?

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  1. Brenda

    Go! Rest!

    With blessings!

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