August Goals Wrap-up, September’s Three Goals

In August, I set three monthly goals.  They were:

  1. It’s Happy’s birthday month so there are lots of little details to cover.  My goal is to execute the plan early as Happy’s birthday coincides with my going back to school.
Mission accomplished!  We had a very fun time celebrating Happy’s fourth year, and I think the little guy was quite satisfied with the celebrations, even if they did not include a “friend’ party.
2.  Go stand-up paddle boarding.  NOPE.  Just not doable in the summer time without more childcare, unfortunately.  I sure did miss doing it, though.
3.  Meet my Summer of Intentionality yoga and Pilates goal.  Pretty close– I think I was one class short of meeting my goal and I really went every time that I possibly could so I am satisfied with that.
Now, for September’s goals:
1.  Create more breathing room.  This means knowing when (and what) to say no to when it presents itself (and not being scared to say no because I’m worried someone will be disappointed
2.  Read 3 more books (since I am setting these a bit into the month).
3.  Get us settled into a routine now that Happy is back to preschool.
What were your goals in August?  How did it go?  What are your goals for September?
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