Ten Things I Loved in August

During a run one late May morning, I thought about how many things I had really enjoyed that month and that ended up inspiring a round up blog post for the end of the month on Ten Things I Loved.  I loved the concept so much that I redid it for June and July.  Now, here is the August edition.

Things I/ We Did

1.  Went to a waterpark.   For Happy’s birthday, we decided to celebrate by going to Great Wolf Lodge for an overnight water park party (attendees? Just us three).  Happy had been there once for a birthday party, but we just told him that we were going to spend the night at a hotel for his birthday and the look on his face was priceless when we pulled up.  And we all had a blast (except for when Happy threw up on me and I was only wearing a wet bathing suit but that’s a whole ‘nother story meant for a 1,001 mishaps of parenting blog).  

2.  Went to an aquarium.  One of the things on the summer of intentionality list was to take Happy to an aquarium as he is wild about marine life and the aquarium was indeed a hit with the whole family. My favorite part?  The otters.  Oh, I wish that I had a pet otter.

3.  Went to a ball game.  Another summer of intentionality item was going to a baseball game so we headed to a local (very) minor league baseball game and had a ball (and a Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade).

4.  Fed horses.  When Happy was wee, I’d take him out to Triple Play Farm, and he was fearless and all into the horses.  But in the last year, he has grown nervous about the horses and when I would head out to the farm, he would say he didn’t want to come so one of my goals this summer was to get him comfortable with the horses again because I love the farm and these horses are so, so special.  Turns out Happy isn’t afraid of the horses anymore–

he fed them, gave them their water, and even brushed one.  Good times.

5.  Got a curly hair consultation.  I mentioned last month that I have been using Deva Curl products and I was really liking the product, but I could tell that I wasn’t quite doing my hair right and still didn’t have all the frizz managed.  So I drove to the big city and had a curly hair consultation.  Total difference maker.  Though I’m not a self-portrait taker, I knew instantly that the curly hair consultation would end up on my list of ten things this month so I snapped a picture when I got in the car.

On the Plate

6.  Baked Butternut Squash Barley Risotto.  I LOVE risotto.  I do not love standing over my stove for thirty minutes constantly stirring while pouring little cups of water in periodically.  So imagine my delight when I discovered this recipe that subs in barley for risotto and the oven for stirring.  And, joyfully, it was delicious.  I’ve also made it with zucchini and yellow squash and that was yum, yum, yum.    

Products I Loved

7. Thermos Sipp water bottle.   So my childhood BFF gave this water bottle to BF.  I janked it for a weekend because it was so awesome and then gave it back to BF and got my own.  I carry water with me everywhere and have been a Sigg water bottle girl for years but I never put that top on right and always end up with all sorts of wet in the bags I carry around.  Not an issue at all with this water bottle.

8.  The Walking Company Customer Service department.  I am a Dansko girl and bought some Dansko sandals earlier this summer to make trekking all over town comfy in the hot summer months.  But in early August, when the sandals were only in their second or so month of use, I noticed that one of my straps was coming unraveled.  I sent them back to The Walking Company and they sent me back new sandals pronto.  Keeping it classy, The Walking Company.

On the Bookshelf
9.  The Art of Fielding I listened to this one and it was just great.  A poignant look at a small college’s baseball star and the people who orbit him, directly or indirectly.  Totally not just for baseball lovers.
10.  Motherland  by Amy Sohn  This one was like reading a reality tv show focused on hip, upper-crust parents in novel form.  Plenty of personal and professional drama combine with the rise and falls of parenting into a fast moving book.  I couldn’t fully relate but I couldn’t put it down either.
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