unveiling the happy sheet

when I was a high school teacher, there was a tradition that I inadvertently started that my students latched onto pretty quickly.  Once, because something stirred it up in class, I printed out a poem that had been a great guide for me in my adolescence, copied it on bright paper, and gave it out to each of them just before the final bell rang.  In the lull of those last minutes of class, I read them this poem that had been my due north when things were hard (even now, I can still recite… Go placidly among the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.).  A hush fell over that space as I read.  When I was done, my eyes scanned the classroom and I could tell something had just happened.  The next Friday, I gave them another sheet.  The same thing happened.  Then, I tried not to do it on a Friday, and they asked where the bright paper was and I realized how much that encouragement mattered to them.  Born was The Happy Sheet tradition.

In reflecting on the shine experience, I decided that I wanted to reintroduce the Happy Sheet experience here, virtually if you will.  And so, as often as I can on Sundays, I’ll post a “happy sheet” here.  Just a little piece of inspiration– whether it is a poem, a quote, a piece of artwork, a photo- for each of us to take in and consider in our unique way.  And so I dedicate today’s Happy Sheet to my Garinger High School students.  Enjoy!


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  1. Cecile

    Oh Rosie, such a great idea! Love it! Thanks for today’s Happy Sheet!

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