shine: week 2 giveaways

I am so excited to announce this week’s shine giveaways.

The weekly shine giveaway will take place on Fridays at 2 pm EST and all entries up to 1:59 PM EST will be included (don’t fret, any entries that come at 2:01 or after Friday will go into the upcoming drawings!).

A drumroll for this week’s fabulous prizes (there will be four winners!)….


A copy of the inspired and super helpful style guide Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well by Sally McGraw. Sally is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer, blogger, and communications professional. She has contributed writing to local newspapers, magazines, and websites throughout her entire professional life, and is an ongoing style features contributor to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. In addition to her book and writing her popular daily style and body image blog Already Pretty, Sally offers personal shopping and style consultation services, both in person for clients living in the Twin Cities and via e-mail for clients worldwide. She firmly believes that style is a tool for self-love that should be accessible to everyone. Including you.




2 sets of gorgeous and inspiring Self-Love cards and Self-Love Oils from the magnetic Michelle McGrath

Michelle McGrath is the creator of Sacred Self’s self-love range of alchemical oils and self-love cards. Sacred Self is passionate about creating products that remind you – to love you.  Michelle is the author of ‘7 ways to love yourself’ ebook and co-author of the upcoming new title “Love and Oneness” in the best-selling Adventures In Manifesting series. She is passionate about falling in love with all parts of herself – and reminding others to do the same. From the UK, Michelle lives in Sydney, Australia, where she explores her favorite self-love tips: relaxing and meditating in a candlelit bath; buying herself flowers; daydreaming; travelling to sacred sites; massage; sipping chai tea and eating chocolate with raspberries. Her idea of bliss is a day full of these activities!  Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Self-love cards: The purpose of this deck of 44 cards is to promote self-love and acceptance. You are unique and irreplaceable but sometimes it can be easy to forget. These self-love cards are gentle reminders. Choose a card each morning and allow it to provide a positive focus for the day. The cards contain simple but profound messages that you can meditate upon or use as an affirmation.

Sacred Self’s self-love oil – signature blend: Sacred Self’s vibrational aromatherapy self-love range of oils is hand-made with love during a meditation ceremony.  Each item is energetically infused with sound, light, colour, sacred symbols, crystals and a pure intention.  Take 5 minutes in your day to create a sacred space and use your blend as a tool to focus.

And a copy of Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by me.

Excited?  Well, shine your spark and get your entries in, friends!


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  1. Chibi Jeebs

    I have Michelle’s self-love cards and self-love oil, and I love them both – they’re great!

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