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A bonus post today.  As I was reading everyone’s experiences, I was struck by some comments that came up that were similar to each other and was reminded by past posts that might have some perspective to share to help with those experiences.

For Day 1, many of you said you struggle with the idea of taking care of yourself and offering your body what it and you needs.  Writing a wellness prescription can be especially helpful with this challenge.  What’s a wellness prescription?  A list of things you most need to incorporate in your life to be your best, most well self.  Here’s the guiding post if you would like to write a wellness prescription for yourself.

For Day 2, many of you struggled with having the confidence to look people in the eye. This post will gently remind you that you are the person who is most aware and conscious of you; most everyone else really just wants to have a positive interaction with you.

For Day 3 and 4, many of you were struck by your negative talk and how to quiet it down.  While the exercises from those two days are really helpful, this perspective on what challenges really are (just information and not imperfections at all because let’s be real because there really is no perfect, there can’t be an opposite of it either so there is no imperfect either, there are just individual manifestations of humanity which we each are).

Hope you enjoy this “recommended reading”!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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2 responses to “shine recommended reading”

  1. Erica @ Cult Of Kale

    This is a great bonus, I look forward to reading the linked articles!

  2. Cecile

    I love the wellness prescription! Such a list feels intimidating to me – I’m perfectionist, so I would want to do immediately everything perfectly… I will make my own tomorrow (it’s 10 p.m. here, but I put it now on my to-do-list), with some current issues to become an habit before I add anything to it.

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