19 responses to “shine day 5: Spark Your Calm and Confidence with a Walk”

  1. Susannah

    I do a lot of walking (the upside of not owning a car), and it’s lovely. I love to listen to my music, and to just look around at whatever I see on my walk – city walks are my favorite! It is raining outside right now, but if it clears up, I promise I’ll take myself out for 30 minutes. If it doesn’t, I’ll make it up this week!

  2. Jenn

    I have the good fortune of walking daily with my best fur-friend. Yesterday was no exception. We took a long meandering stroll through the wild August greenery of a local metro-park. The crickets song and that late summer smell were so sweet.

  3. emily strickland

    I have found walking/running is a great time for prayer. Something about the repetition of putting one foot in front of the other… it allows me to focus and seems like a good allegory for my spiritual journey.

  4. Susan

    I did an hour hike with my dog Maisy along the trails of Philadelphia’s beautiful Wissahickon valley. Came out drenched in sweat on this hot & humid day, and feeling very good about having gotten out in nature and having gotten my heart rate up. I do a 30 minute walk every morning with Maisy and think it’s a great way to start the day.

  5. Kip DeForest

    So, you’ve inspired me. I have had so much stress in my life lately that I find I’m feeling very negative most of the time. Perhaas walking will help me… Going to give it a try today! Thanks for the push!

  6. Valerie

    I love walking…walking is my lifeblood. Through six children, through a failed marriage, through a new marriage…I walk. Walking clears my mind, or walking helps me think through everything that is overwhelming me. Walking makes me feel alive and is the one time I know I am truly taking care of myself.

    MS has been a hard thing for me…because it has taken some of my ability to get out and walk for long periods of time away from me. Now, even though I walk, it is in shorter time stretches. Some days it is only inside my house, because my balance might be off that day. I am now much more conscious of the steps I take and most of my thought effort is put into watching the ground in front of me to avoid any obstacles I might trip on. MS will not ever defeat me; I will find ways to walk or to do other forms of exercise that enrich me. One thing I do know is that MS has taught me to never, ever take walking for granted; I do look at others who casually spend long times walking with no thought of the gift they are given and find myself jealous from time to time…but then I remember that at least I can still walk…just in a different way.

  7. rie

    loved the extra post….how amazing is it that we really are the ones that think most about how we look and yet think others are going to look at us with the same amount of energy?????

  8. rie

    i too am a lover of walks…it can immediately bring me a sense of calm. i tend to be more distracted from my negative thoughts when i am walking. it feels more like a meditation in movement. fortunately i have my dogs and we all love a good walk.

  9. Erica @ Cult Of Kale

    This was really nice, we went to the nearby botanical garden and had a great time walking around and observing nature. There were so many beautiful birds and little critters we don’t normally see in the city. It was a really good feeling doing this. I felt so connected to myself, my husband and nature.

  10. Susannah

    I was going to go to yoga, but I changed my mind, and went for a walk – I walked for an hour, and took some pretty pictures of my town. Thank you for the tip!

  11. Chibi Jeebs

    Have you seen the 23.5 hours video on youtube? It explains all the benefits that just a 30 minute walk can make, both mentally and physically. It’s long for youtube, but definitely worth the watch! 🙂


  12. Sarah

    My walk was productive but stressed me out, too.
    I went through everything that I have to do before school starts (11 days) including two full classes of lesson plans that I haven’t even started yet (and can’t because I am depending on three other teachers!). However, I came inside and realized that I can’t do my part of the job until someone else does, so there is no need to sweat it right this second.

    ANYWAY. I was able to decide what I _CAN_ do and start that this afternoon. 🙂

  13. Nancy Horn

    I have been consistent with my yoga routine but have lost my walking time. Many times when my children and I would walk I have talked to them about “walking meditation”. It’s something I want to get back to as a consistent routine. AGAIN – a good reminder! Thanks : )

  14. LadyEm

    I also love walking! Whether it’s about town or in the country, it’s time for me to think, take deep breaths and get the blood pumping! I used to listen to my music whilst walking but lately have tried to do this less. Although sometimes it’s great, it can also make me feel too insulated. I want to feel part of the world and not in my own bubble. In keeping with day 2 when we were encouraged to make eye contact, I take out my earphones and enjoy *connecting*. If I can’t get out for a walk then I try to do some pilates at home. Even the process of taking time to stretch and breath deeply is refreshing. It all serves as quality quiet time out for us.

  15. Amanda @ Click. The Good News

    I went for a run this morning ( a bit late but was traveling this weekend). I ran by myself instead of with a partner, so I kept trying to think about meditation and being in the moment, instead of letting my mind wander to task lists and worries. However, I had a song stuck in my head & couldn’t get it out! (Mumford & Sons- awake my soul). I’d love to take more evening walks after dinner with my hubby- just some quiet time to digest our meal & visit without a TV, but it’s too stinking hot in Houston right now! 🙁

  16. Andrea

    Bo and I had a great walk. We even ventured out and met some of our neighbors. I typically walk him at lunch when no on is at home and around 8:00 when everyone is inside. Yesterday we walked when all the neighbors were out and mingled a bit.

  17. Cassie Virgin

    Every day that i work it totals 40 minutes of fast walking…twenty minutes to get there, twenty minutes to get back home. But I’m also on my feet for the entire 8 hours that I’m there as it is retail and the customers need me to get all sorts of things done. So my days off consist largely of sitting on the couch. :). Here’s hoping that I get enough exercise while making money.

  18. tanya

    I managed to walk off and on for four hours (away for the wknd). Mostly I kept thinking how hot I felt with interjections of oohs and ahs when looking at some cool art and sheer delight when I found one pumpkin cookie left at a fav bakery.
    Mostly I enjoyed hanging with my husband and leaving the cares of the week behind for a couple of days.

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