13 responses to “Shine Day 4: Spark Your Self-Awareness”

  1. Kip DeForest

    I love this idea of using change and bowls to give yourself a visual of how your thinking patterns go! I’m going to share this with several people in my life… as well as try it out myself! Thank you!

  2. Melissa

    LOVE this idea, going to do this for myself and my kiddos 🙂

  3. Valerie

    Today was not a good day for self-love and non-criticism. I am finishing my degree for Accounting, I am tutoring, I am working part-time, and then there are the normal daily responsibilities…I’ve been overwhelmed this week. So today was a day to tread water. I didn’t criticize myself, but there was no celebration. I loved this post and challenge, though, and I am truly adding it to my journal to work on. If only I didn’t expect more of myself than I do of anyone else, things would be better. But if I expect more of myself than anyone else does, then maybe I won’t disappoint so many people.

  4. Chibi Jeebs

    Love this idea! Just reading this post now at 7:30pm, so I’ll do the exercise tomorrow as well!

  5. Susannah

    This is a hard one for me. I’m not at home a lot, so I’ll have to count plusses and minuses at the end of the day, which would mean revisiting everything I’ve said or thought about myself. I also had a really bad day yesterday, even though I was planning to do the coins, I saw the pictures of the graduation ceremony at my school, and I look terrible and fat in every single one of them – and I though I was looking really good that day. This made me really sad. It is motivating me to work harder at getting healthy, but that will take a bit of time, I suppose.

    Maybe I can work something out with virtual coins, or a notebook or something. Then I can do it on the go!

  6. Erica @ Cult Of Kale

    Like the previous commenter I’m not always home or around to do it, so instead I tallied the comments on a small notepad in my purse. A lot of my criticisms are doubt based, or more frequently I worry about things in the past. A lot of great things happened today though that made me very happy so there were also a lot of positive thoughts. I think the more I push myself to do things the better my outlook will be.

  7. rie

    what stuck me most in this excercise was how often i had a negative thought about myself and how often it was the SAME negative thought or thoughts that kept popping into my head. Almost like its not enough to say it once, i have to keep saying it or thinking it over and over again. talk about a backward slide:( another thing while doing this excercise was the inability to make the positive thoughts feel “not forced”…………

  8. Andrea

    This is a great exercise!!! I found that I made fun of myself when putting myself down. But I also became aware of it & began to stop speaking to myself that way & replace with more positive thoughts. I will suggest this to friends. It really makes you aware of the thoughts that you feed yourself daily.

  9. Nancy Horn

    1. How did it go today? What did you notice you criticize about yourself?

    I had been told by my daughter that a certain person I had been hanging around with that has a very negative self image and self talk – I was starting to sound like her. So by daughters awareness and this exercise has helped me listen and be more aware of my words towards myself.

    What are you beginning to celebrate by claiming it with your observations?

    Embracing the aging process…aging gracefully.

    2. Can you continue to monitor your thoughts to move them away from criticism and towards acceptance and appreciation?

    Yes… with awareness and those around me that love me when I forget too, I have faith that I can continue to make process on my journey towards acceptance and appreciation of myself.

  10. Marie

    Good “exercise” because it helped me to quantify my negative thoughts about myself. Then, I was ready to change them and find a positive way to talk about myself. Result of the day : one coin in the left cup, and 5 coins in the right cup.

  11. Cassie Virgin

    Going to try this with a notebook in ny backpack ! Thank you for this Shine experience… It has come during a very good time for learning in my life.

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