July Goal Wrap-up, August’s 3 Goals

In July, I set three goals for the month.

They were:

1.  Knock out 10 small organizing projects (i.e.: jewelry box, kitchen junk drawer, storage shelves in garage, etc).

Done!  My favorite small organizing project was the jewelry organization.  Here is what my jewelry box looked like before the organization project:

It was a total hot mess, and so I was basically wearing the same pieces everyday even though I have some really fun jewelry.  One of my other small organization projects was to clean out the top drawer of my dresser which I didn’t really need for clothes and had turned into its own hot mess of random things like mixed tapes from the 1990s and travel gear like a travel alarm clock.  Once I went through that door, I found I didn’t need it for the things it had been holding any more and so I decided to expand my jewelry box to that drawer so that everything had room and I could easily spy everything.  I bought some 1/2 pint canning jars and went to work redoing my jewelry.  Here are the finished photos of the jewelry dresser drawer (you might be able to spot that I also used seashells we collected at the beach to hold earrings):

2.  Go stand-up paddle boarding.  Sadly, this did not happen.  I am crossing my fingers for August.
3.  Host the neighbors for a meal.  We had a very fun July 4th get together with the neighbors (you can check out the menu here).

Now, for August’s goals:

  1. It’s Happy’s birthday month so there are lots of little details to cover.  My goal is to execute the plan early as Happy’s birthday coincides with my going back to school.
  2. Go stand-up paddle boarding.
  3. Meet my Summer of Intentionality yoga and Pilates goal.

Did you set some goals in July?  How did they go?  What are your August goals?

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One response to “July Goal Wrap-up, August’s 3 Goals”

  1. Cecile

    OK, finally :

    July’s goals:

    – more physical awareness, means: am I staying straight? am I sitting right?
    Not done. I did not really focus on this one, and it seems that I have to strongly focus, and find fun ways to practice. It is now part of my extended wellness prescription, means I will work on it probably as from September.

    – find a good balance in my daily rythm. Done and proud of it! I split almost anything that I want to do into tiny babysteps, so that I can often make breaks, and I switch between physical intensive (at least for my current state) and physical more “relaxing” tasks.

    – tackle our bedroom and tidy it up, ideally find ways to avoid cluttering it again. Done – and found tricks to avoid new clutter in some corners…

    August’s goals:

    – follow my basic wellness prescription in order to build proper habits.

    – as from today, daily 15 min of paper organisation.

    – re-arrange my craft supplies in the basement (they are currently in the “office” that will become Baby’s room).

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