Ten Things I Loved in July

During a run one late May morning, I thought about how many things I had really enjoyed that month and that ended up inspiring a round up blog post for the end of the month on Ten Things I Loved.  I loved the concept so much that I redid it for June.  And, now, here is July’s edition (s0 far).

Things I/ We Did

1.  My 20 year high school reunion.  Loved traveling ‘home’ to see friends from 20 years ago who are just as fun, funny, kind, lovely, and beautiful now as they were then.

2.  Started to earn my certification in mental health first aid.  One in four adults suffers with a mental health issue and, yet, there is such a stigma attached to them.  Mental Health first aid trains everyday people in how to be a first responder for mental health issues.  See someone having a panic attack at the grocery store?  Mental Health first aid trains you in what to do to help that person.  It is a course that provides great education, and will, hopefully, allow me to be a great support to those I love and those in my community.

3.  Wrapped up our 2nd 100 book challenge.  Happy loved the summer challenge to read 100 different books so much that it too about 2.5 weeks.  Hence, we did it a 2nd time and finished our 2nd round of 100 books in time to check out Ice Age: Continental Drift on opening day (that’s the reward he chose).  The movie, as it turns out, was a perfect mix of Happy’s favorite animals.  There were whales– including his personal favorites of narwhals and humpbacks- and mammoths and tigers.  We met friends at the theatre, and it was just a fun way to spend a rainy (poury, really) Friday afternoon.  

On the Plate

4.  Low Country Boil.  So one of my very favorite meals is this southern fare that stews together shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, and onions in a great spicy seasoning.  BF is a brilliant low country boiler and we host an annual low country boil dinner for our neighbors every July 4th.  Great company and great eats.

5.  Avocado, Orange and Peach Salad.  Our neighbor brought the salad to our Fourth of July celebration, and it was incredible– red leaf lettuce, slice avocado, segmented oranges, and peach slices with feta cheese and ginger dressing.  I know the combination sounds odd but it was delicious, I promise.

Products I Loved

6.  Deva Curl.  So, when we went to Disney World at the beginning of June, we were met not with just Florida’s notorious humidity but a week of rain.  My hair was a HOT mess– making me all the more aware that I still just hadn’t found the right product for my curls. I posted an SOS on Facebook and Twitter and one of the most recommended products was Deva Curl.  They had an affordable trial pack and so I decided to order it and give it a try.  Boy, am I glad that I did.  I totally should have taken before and after pictures but I didn’t.  So you’ll just have to trust me.  Least frizzy hair of my life during one of the most humid summers of my life.  Hooray.

7.  Comfy Gap Dress.  With a Gap gift card in hand, I went to check out the midsummer wares and found this embroidered baby doll dress.  Definitely had to go down a size, but it’s a comfy, cute, cool summer dress that I’ve really enjoyed.
8.  Toms Catino Ballet Flats.  A sweet friend owns the Charlotte Birkenstock Feet First and talked me into trying these darling ballet flats.  Loving their bright happiness!
On the Bookshelf
9.  The Hunger Games Trilogy Yes, I am totally behind the trend on this one but when I heard the premise of The Hunger Games, I thought, “There is no way I can stomach that.”  Then we went to see the movie because it was shot in North Carolina, and I really, well, is this the right word?, enjoyed it.   And, thought, okay, I can read this.  I ultimately read all three books but my favorite remains the first book of the trilogy.  Overall, an entertaining, engrossing series.    
10.  Stay Close by Harlan Coben  I am listening to this one in the car right now and finding that I am not minding traffic jams or far away meetings because I am so into this mystery.
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4 responses to “Ten Things I Loved in July”

  1. Cecile

    Rosie, I totally love the concept of mental health first aid! Never heard of it before. Too bad there’s none in Europe, at least under this name.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Yvette

    #1 Now I know who i can call when Im having a panic attack (plz pick up..lol)
    #2 That salad sounds good Ill have to try it ( my friend Grant makes a great salad with pears Ill find out what else is in it and send it to U)
    #3 The 1st Book was my fave too.. 2nd was close
    #4 Cute shoes

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  4. Heather

    I am definitely going to look into whether there is Mental Health First Aid training near me.

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