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  1. Cecile

    Thank you so much Rosie!
    I’ll need some time to try, experience and find my own way. Now I know in which direction I could go!
    I use counting 1-2-3 for Delight to switch to a mom-approved-behaviour. We are not using it linked to punitions though (they would come later, in form of a logical consequence: no time anymore to play/read/whatever) – we positively count to 3, and it seems that’s all what she needs to jump into another activity or behaviour, as if she needs these seconds of freedom to feel like switching is OK for her – at least most of the time…. Curiously I never thought to use these 3 seconds for myself! A totally doable step! Only need some practice…
    Thanks again for your great help! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Cecile

    Life has a little bit slowed down, so here I am for an update!
    Shine, Day 15: Blam. here it is. So my deepest emotion was NOT a lack of respect, but a lack of love in disguise. OK, now that it has emerged, it is much easier to deal with it.
    #1 I know that “testing Mom’s limits” has nothing to do with “not loving her”. I love my daughter, I deeply know she loves me too.
    #2 This “wanna-be-everybody’s-darling” is an issue for itself – being able to name it is already solving half of it => Thanks for your idea to really make this picture and destroy it! Yes, I’ll do it!
    #3 Of course, I just couldn’t be resilient about a lack of respect as it was not the topic…. Now that my need is identified, my soul is not screaming at me anymore. And I am able to act in an appropriate way with my daughter.
    Thank you so much for all you do! These “missing pieces of a puzzle” that you are giving are just so helpful!

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