7 responses to “flipping the switch (from self-hate to self-acceptance)”

  1. Rebecca

    Love this: “We each have a purpose that is uniquely ours.”

    What a wonderful post. Women talking honestly about their body image is such a radical and awesome thing.

  2. Cristina Fahrbach-Connors

    Love this idea of self-care and self-acceptance as a means of paving the way to becoming your best self. Too often we both beat ourselves up and become self-sacrificing to the point where we can’t function to our full potential. It’s time we get out of our own ways in order to accomplish this! Life is too short. What a great post!

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    […] “When I think about how unkind I have been with my thoughts toward my body while it has simultaneously been so kind to my soul with all that it has allowed me to accomplish, I am humbled. I wish to not ever be that unkind to the vessel that I’ve been given to enjoy and experience this ….” […]

  4. Erin

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  5. WhatThisGirlLearns

    I like this! I have been there. A few years back, I came to the realization that hating my appearance would not benefit my life in any way at all. And I had to work hard to get past my old self-defeating mindset. But it was worth it.

  6. Body Image Boosters From The Blogosphere | Weightless

    […] From self-hate to self-acceptance: “If we are consumed by our bodies, then we are taking valuable time away from the work we are meant to be doing and the gifts we are meant to be giving to this world, from our mission.  If we are in the mirror, assessing, obsessing, critiquing, despairing, we are not doing the work of our lives.” […]

  7. Amanda

    Man, that moment when a maybe becomes a forever. Hating just wastes time. Such wisdom.

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