June round-up

Today, I am sharing with you my pieces from around the internets (wink, wink) this month.  Hope you’ll check them out!

At Voxxi, you’ll find… 

How to pamper yourself guilt-free:  But what we allow ourselves to enjoy is incredibly revealing about how we approach life. If we are constantly in a state of denying ourselves enjoyment of a few concrete things in our lives, it is highly likely that we are denying ourselves all types of enjoyment, including the pleasure of self-acceptance.

Put away the scale and stop weighing your self-worth: When you put away the scale and take away its arbitrary measure and instead, heighten your sensitivity to how your body feels, you actually give up an unhealthy habit and instead embrace a much more self-aware, sustainable, and kind way to live.

On the road to self-acceptance, fake it ’til you make it:  What do you do when you are ready to leave self-hatred behindbut don’t yet fully know what self-love looks like or how to live like you have it? One simple approach you can take is to, in the words of a friend who finally learned to love herself in her fifties, “fake it ‘til you make it.” 

It’s who we are, not how we look, that matters:  We think our physical details define who we are, what we are capable of accessing, and what we are worthAnd, in many ways, our society reinforces that message. But here’s the thing: The only reason that message is reinforced is so that we stay in a virtual unrest that keeps us continuously consuming, chasing a physical ideal that will finally make us “right.”

At the Charlotte Observer, you’ll find a couple style pieces…

Those Boots Were Made for Wearing:  a look at my fall style renaissance

Finding My New Look for Summer: a look at my summer style renaissance plan

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