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  1. Barrie Glenn

    THANK YOU ROSIE :)))) for such a wonderful and well thought out answer to my question. My favorites were #2,3 and 4, especially because I have managed to overwhelm my brain yesterday and today with information. I started on my path by taking Jodi’s freelancing class yesterday. It was well worth it and now, I need to immerse myself in information to invest in the career that I want to pursue, write down everything that’s floating thru my mind and finally, get organized. I loved your recommendations and am definitely going to use them.

    I realize that I am unhappy at my “day job.” Actually, I think MISERABLE would be a better description. I realize that what I long for is enjoyment of what I do and fulfillment from it. Those two things will help me find that happiness that I don’t currently have. I am comfortable approaching this from a business standpoint, so being able to set the goal of “what do I need to make to enjoy life” is even clearer after hearing Jodi speak yesterday. I definitely believe it’s achievable.

    It’s funny, I always have so much to say, yet tonight, I’m a little overwhelmed because that voice inside my head is saying “leap” (in a good way) so I guess that’s a good thing! I’m not afraid to try this.

    I wrote my first query today, or maybe I should say I took a stab at it. I definitely feel like I’m walking in the dark right now, but I have faith that that will change and that this will end up being the best leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

    I plan to incorporate much of what you have said here and I thank you for making that pursuit of happiness just that much clearer! – Barrie

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