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When I teach journaling workshops, I often give participants a series of prompts that I call Three Small Questions.  The catch is that they aren’t small questions at all.  They are often big questions but what I want from them is short, simple, one sentence, very direct answers.

Today, I am sharing three questions that I want you to answer every day- starting today- for the next week or so.  Jot your answers down somewhere, in a journal, here as a comment (I do hope you’ll share at least one of your answers here!), on the Notes section of your phone, somewhere, and give yourself the chance to learn what you already know deep inside.

What is your why?

What is the kindest thing you did for yourself today (or, if you are asking first thing in the morning, yesterday)?

A year from now, what will you have wished you started today?

Some guidance:

Do not take more than 30 seconds to write each answer.

Do not think one day of asking is enough.  These questions are a crucible for you.  Answering the same questions several days in a row will reveal depth in your exploration.

Do not take them too seriously.   The key is to delight yourself with your surprises and to increase your mindfulness and self-awareness.

Do not believe that your answers need to be the same everyday.  They don’t.  Whatever answer you receive is the answer you are meant to have for that day.  Every day is different and your answers might be different, too.


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2 responses to “three small questions”

  1. Trish

    What is the kindest thing you did for yourself today?

    Stayed home because I did not feel great, even though my usual response is to tough it out (until I have exhausted myself and put myself in a place where it will take way more than one day to recover).

  2. Cecile

    What is your why?
    I’m not sure how to understand the question.
    Spontaneously came to my mind “Because of my baby”

    What is the kindest thing you did for yourself today?
    I trully enjoyed eating on the sunny terrasse the delicious meals prepared by my husband with him and my daughter – a wonderful moment I’d like to remember! And yes, the process of enjoying is something I do for myself – it can only begin in my head!

    A year from now, what will you have wished you started today?
    Begin to try to become more resilient….. I know it would be really good for me and my family, but so far I have no clue how to concretely become more resilient or where I may find little daily exercizes. Rosie, did you write on this topic?

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