May’s Three Goals

Back in January, I suggested some different beginning of the year rituals that might resonate with you, even if you aren’t a traditional New Year’s Resolver.  One of those suggestions was to consider setting three goals each month.

Here was the take-away:  If keeping track of a resolution all year long feels overwhelming or suffocating but you do like the idea of some vision for your days, setting three goals per month might be a nice tool for you.  At the beginning of each month, set three goals that reflect dreams you have for yourself.  You could set goals that need to happen daily during the month like write a gratitude list, drink 60 ounces of water, or to read for pleasure for 10 minutes daily or you can set activity goals like try a new recipe, complete the family photo album from last year’s vacation or approach your boss about taking on more responsibilities.  The nice thing about three goals a month is that there is a finite amount of time to get the goal done and so this might resonate more with people who want things in a neater timetable than having a whole year to do something.

Though I do keep a daily to do list that I really focus on every day, some bigger projects have been overlooked in recent months because the length and immediacy of the daily list really keeps me from being able to move to these longer term or more time-consuming tasks.  While tunnel-vision can be good, it can also be short-sighted.

So, for May, I am choosing three more time-consuming tasks to put on my radar for completion.  We’ll see if it helps to focus in on just three of them at a time (because what I do right now when I have a spare minute is look at ALL these long-term projects and think, well, where to start?) helps me get them tackled.


May’s 3 “Simple” Goals  

Get copies of Happy’s birth certificate (this seems like a simple task but the bureaucratic madness is more than  you want to imagine, I promise).

Plant vegetable garden.

Write at least four entries in my journal to Happy (I’ve been slacking off lately).

And a bonus:  Run at least 3x each week.

How about you?  Do you think 3 simple goals would help you with some of those bigger projects that just get put to the side over and over again?  If so, what are your 3 simple goals for March?

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4 responses to “May’s Three Goals”

  1. Cecile

    #1 finalize the front garden
    #2 sew at least one piece of clothing for my daughter’s dolls
    #3 find and keep a doable work-play-rythm in the afternoons.

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